Aug 202013

So, it’s been quiet around here for a pretty good reason. I’ve mentioned it a few times in passing promising a full story later but just never got to it. Short of it is that we sold our home in June and signed up to build a new one ready in December. This weekend we pack up a 26 ft moving truck with the contents of our house and try to shoehorn it into a temporary townhouse in the mean time. Sounds like fun!

The long of it starts back three years ago when we started to look around casually at new houses. Just after Noah arrived we knew that once #2 came along we’d want something with more land and an extra bedroom (plus a basement). We were nowhere near ready but wanted to get a feel for the neighborhoods and areas where we’d like to move to. Thus began 3 years of watching Realtor, Zillow, and Redfin and taking weekend trips (during nap time) to drive around neighborhoods and check out open houses.

This past spring we finally had enough cash in the bank and the market was ticking up so we decided to pull the trigger and sell. The plan was to sell, ask for a 60 day close and then try to find something to buy. Problem was…inventory was low. That was good for us as sellers – it only took 5 days to sell our place but as buyers, well…we were in a hard spot. there was nothing out on the market that ticked all of our boxes. We’d considered building but no one had large lots (for some reason .25 or less even is really popular with the new builders). So we’d kind of settled into the idea that we’d be in a rental long term. Until a few days before the 4th of July when one builder we’d been talking to called back to tell us they’d released the second phase and they had .5 acre lots.

We’d already seen the house and priced things out and it was under budget. The bigger lot size mean a little bit of a larger base price but still within budget so we decided to go out and walk the open lots. We spent a few hours just walking around, checking things out and trying to decide. We then roused our poor realtor from his vacation to join us on the 6th of July to sign the paperwork.

We’re building…holy crap:)

So, we’re just waiting for them to break ground on the new place and are moving to a temporary place in the mean time. It’s really odd not to be homeowners anymore. Sitting in this house that we used to own but don’t any longer is just a weird feeling (we’re at the tail end of our 30 day rent back pd.). I think it all started sinking in when I arranged the service cut off for here and the new service start up at the new place.

December can’t get here fast enough I’ll tell you…ahhhh….we’re building..ahhhhh….

Without further adieu – our land:) hopefully soon to have a house on it.




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