Jul 222013

So…when your mom and your son both ask if there’s a baby in that belly I think that’s a sign that it’s high time to recommit to eating well and exercising. So many things have been in the way lately; from my new job that has me all over the place to selling our house and searching for a new one and the effort that goes into that (more to come if I ever find the time to write things up). It’s time to stop making excuses and find the time to do it right.

So, today I’m at 140 and committed to planning my lunches and dinners. I’ll be using my Fitbit and MyFitness pal to track inputs and expenditures (because outputs sounded wrong) and drinking lots and lots of water. I’m also cutting sweets and trying to add more protein to balance out the carbs I love. And of course, amping up the fruits and veggies. With all of this, in 6 weeks I’ll be down 5 lbs. Cross your fingers.

I know I need to add exercise but we’re taking this one step at a time. If I can get out twice a week for a long walk I’ll be happy. I’m finding with my Fitbit that an evening full of cleaning is actually enough to get all my steps in.

So anywho…not sure why I’m telling you all this other than the small hope that it spurs me on to keep with it. I suppose if that’s not enough, the video that DH took of me last week where I looked 5 months pregnant should be enough…ugh…

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  1. Ugh. I feel you on this. I keep hovering between 141 and 145. I really want to get back down into the 130s; more importantly I just want to look better. But between the hot weather, job, kids…yeah, it’s not happening. I can’t imagine having a new job and trying to sell/find a house on top of that. Maybe your post will motivate me to get my stuff together!

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