Jun 302013

There’s no 31st this month so you get this a day early…how exciting:) So much going on these days! Lia’s first birthday is around the corner and I think unfortunately she’s not going to get the big shebang that Noah did. We have so much going on with the house that I’m not sure I’m going to find the time to plan anything. We’ll see.

Weight:My guess is 20lbs
Length: Again, wild guess is 30 inches based on the fact that she’s outgrown her car seat
Sleep:Still hit or miss. We’re generally up at least once to eat something and lately 2 twice…new teeth perhaps?
Eating: She’s been eating more lately which I think means a growth spurt. She loves fruits and veggies and even housed a smoothie that I made one morning (spinach, pineapple, mango, yogurt and OJ..mmm…). I think she’s still around 20 oz of milk for the day plus all of her solids. I can’t believe we’ll be moving to milk soon. Yaya…no $40 formula bill per grocery run!
Sizes: Mostly 9 – 12 month stuff. I have a few 6-9’s that will fit but they’re few and far in between (mostly shorts)
Milestones:Bought a baby jail because I can’t put her down for more than a min without having to chase her – not good for getting anything done. She doesnt seem to mind as long as she’s not in there long. She’s great at standing while holding on to things and will cruise a bit. She still won’t voluntarily stand on her own but I’ve seen her do it – just today even. I’ve also seen her almost stand up without holding on to anything.

The biggest think I think – aside from the new volume and frequency in which she vocalizes is that she’s in a new car seat. Her little legs finally just go too long for the old one and were hanging all over the place. So we bought Noah a harnessed booster and moved her to his old seats.

She also seems to understand more of what we say. There’s a smidgen of comprehension when we tell her who dada and mama is and when I tell her No for something.

It was hard to contain her for pictures this time around. She about launched herself off the chair 3 times before I gave up and moved the whole operation to the floor. Plus she’s figured out the sticker and doesnt want to leave it be.




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