Jun 052013

Wow…so not keeping up with this thing. So..why are things so quiet around here? Well, simply put – life is getting in the way:) Let’s see if I can summarize in bullets…

– I started a new job last week. Things were winding down at my current job and my contract looked to be in jeopardy (and if nothing else I was looking at another 30 day extension…living your live in 30 day increments is tough when you have plans…). So I sought out something more stable. Funny enough, the company I landed at actually came to me. I would have never looked at them on my own. It’s a lot what I’ve been doing already but the team is not local to me so there will be some adjustment working them them. I’m excited and nervous.
– We’re putting the house on the market so we’ve spent the last few months doing the big projects. Then the last two weeks we’ve been buckled down decluttering and doing those last min little fixes so she’s in tip top shape. We don’t quite know where we’re going yet. There are a few options on the table and we figure we’ll figure it out after we sell. The inventory is so low right now so we may look at a rental until we can find something we love. Who knows….what I do know is that I’m going to miss this place. There are a lot of things I love about it – the neighbors, the parks near by, the cul-de-sac location. And for the most part I even love the house – we’re just growing out of it. We’d always said it was our 5-7 year house and here we are approaching 7 years and you know we’re plan followers:)
– Lia’s still not sleeping well so I’m freakin tired all the time which means on the nights I’m not running around like a maniac trying to clean the house or finish projects, I’m asleep by 8 (generally in bed next to Noah or in the chair with Lia). You’d think with that much sleep I’d feel rested but somewho I don’t.
– I’ve had an uptick in photography jobs which means lots of editing time in the evenings. So I get to edit their pics and not my own. Hazard of the job I suppose.
– I’ve also been choosing to unplug at night when I can and sit down to read or just hang out with the hubs. Plus the weather has been amazing in the evenings so we push bed time a bit and let Noah play outside until he’s ready to pass out. If figure, I spend 95% of my work day behind a screen and I just need to get away from it when I’m at home.

Anywho, I’d promise to do better but we all know that’s not going to happen haha. I do have some updated pics that if I can stay awake tonight I’ll finish up and share. I also have a “Shape Up” post started that I hope to finish soon.

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  1. I know what you mean about being tired all the time – I can’t even imagine how it’d be if we were dealing with home improvement projects!! There are seriously some nights this pregnancy I’m asleep by 7:00 (!!!!).

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