May 062013

I’m a little late on this because it’s been crazy around here. We’re all not getting much sleep so I’m generally out by 9pm on most nights in an effort to catch up. Lia’s hit the 9 month sleep regression bit. She generally spends 1:30 – 3 or 3:30 awake and yelling out in glee. I suppose it could be worse, she could be crying. Instead she’s being cute. I guess I’ll take it.

Can you believe she’s only 3 months away from 1 year old? I have no idea where all the time went.

Weight: 18lbs 4oz
Length: 29 inches (90%) (although I think she’s longer since she’s pretty much out of her 6 mo clothes)
Sleep:Having some sleep regression issues. She was sick at the start of the month and it just never got better. She’s down by 7 generally and wakes at 12/1 and then again at 3/4. Lately she’s been up for good at 5:30am which is not a pattern I like:) Hopefully now that she’s made the leap (we have new skills:) ) she’ll get back to a better schedule. I do remember this with noah too.
Eating: Not a ton new here. She’s gone thru all the frozen milk I had so we’re 100% formula and solids. I experiment with whatever table foods we have avail but for the most part she’s still eating purees, puffs, and cheerios. She’s okay with that. I need to try a sippy again too, last attempt was not so successful.
Sizes: Mostly 9’s and 6-9’s. I’m washing all the 12 stuff and rotating some of it in.
Milestones:So I think the root of our sleep issues was this development leap. She can get from back to belly to sitting and back down with no problem. Just the other night (a little past 9 months) I saw her crawl for real on all 4’s. It was more of a little hop for her legs and then advancing her hands but she’s getting the hang of it. No more potted plant. Plus, she’s pulling up a bit more on thing to get to standing. She’s making more vowel sounds too. I’ve heard mamama, dada, and gaga out of her on various occasions.

I’ll get her pictures done this weekend hopefully.

ETA: Finally got pics done:)




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  1. Can’t wait to see new pictures of her! I can’t believe she’s already nine months old!

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