May 312013

Weight: 19ish lbs
Length: 29 inches
Sleep:We were doing better for a week or so (she’d go down around 7, wake at 2 for a snack, and then back until 6) but two new teeth and a cold have sent us back into sleep hell.
Eating: We’re branching out on her solids. I fed her a whole cereal bar the other day in pieces and she LOVED it…although, she was covered head to toe in it by the time she was done. She gets around 20 oz of formula a day and solids at least 3 if not 4 times a day.
Sizes: Adding some 12 mo stuff and packing up the 6 mo stuff…
Milestones:Just after she hit 9 month she started to crawl. Now she’s a little motor that goes anywhere and everywhere. About a week ago she started to pull up on things consistently and now she’s attempting a few steps while hanging on to things. I think she’ll be walking before her first birthday (which is now only 2 months away – gah!)

I find myself forgetting how old she is because of her lack of hair (I think). At this point Noah had a pretty good mop going on and she’s still pretty much bald and therefore reminds me more of a baby still. The hair is starting to come in but it’s mostly on the back of her head so we’ll be rocking the mullet out for a while I think.





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  2 Responses to “Lia 10 months…”

  1. I love her smile and the beautiful bow. Hope the sleep gets better soon!

  2. I completely feel the same way with the hair situation. Icie had a ton and it seemed as though she went from infant to toddler in a second, Annie is 15 months now and walking and running but she still seems so much younger.

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