Apr 062013

So, given that we were all sooo sick over Easter (long story short, a stomach virus hit Saturday AM while we were in PGH, we decided to make a run back to VA before DH got sick too and I ended up riding with Noah in the backseat with a bucket…such joy). Anyways, I never got the chance to take a picture of the kids in their Easter getups…. So, today being a beautiful day I decided to take them on a walk to try to take some pics.

I had to bribe Noah with ice cream and even at that I only got two or three really good pictures with him in it. Lia on the other hand is my little model and once she warmed up to it she was all smiles.

[nggallery id=’53’]

The dress is from Rugrat Design. I love love love it:) Lesley was really sweet and accommodating and let me pick the fabrics for the dress since she didn’t have one made already in her shop with that fabric in that size. the best part is that as Lia grows it will go from being a dress to being a tunic…and it’s reversible!!

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