Apr 042013

with breastfeeding that is.

Work’s been crazy for the last few weeks and I’d been dropping pumping sessions randomly to make meetings and it just kind of became a habit. So last week I went pump free and just nursed at night. Then something happened – Lia decided that she didn’t want to nurse to sleep like she always did and I just went with it. So, it’s been over a week since I’ve pumped and about 6 days since I’ve actually nursed her. Funny enough, the stomach flu hit around the same time making it pretty easy on me with engorgement since I was so dehydrated. ::Spoke too soon, it was just delayed…ugh..::

I still have some frozen milk that we’re cycling thru. I think I have enough to get her thru another two or three weeks if we only use it during the week.

So, in the end we made it to 8 months nursing/pumping. 2 months past my big goal and so far past what I actually thought I could do. Part of me mourns the loss of that connection with her (and the convenience) but the other part of me is ready to move on and watch her grow independently. Plus it’s nice to be able to nudge hubsy to get that middle of the night bottle vs. having to get up and feed her – who am I kidding, I’ll still be the one to get up with her since I hear her (DH is tuned into Noah, I’m tuned in to Lia, it’s weird).

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  1. Awww, a bittersweet milestone, but congrats on exceeding your goal! Here’s hoping Lia just starts sleeping through the night so neither of you has to get up with her. :-)

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