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As is abundantly clear on this blog, I cloth diaper. I chose to do so for many reason and one of the larger ones was the fact that I just couldn’t bring myself to add to an already growing problem in our landfills. So I tend to look for other reusable items if I can help it. A lot of times its a smidgen more work for the reusable stuff but when you think about it in the end it’s generally worth it. Plus, if you look in the right places you’re also helping small businesses by purchasing from them and often purchasing local..

So, after cloth I started looking for other ways to cut waste and be more earth friendly. While we have a loooong way to go to being a greener family, every little step we take helps I think. One place I noticed we were wasting a ton was with the plastic ziplock baggies. We’d take 3 or 4 with us on every little trip/walk with Noah for his snacks. Plus I’d use 2 or 3 in my lunch every day. At one point we’d go thru a box every few weeks. Sure, you can rinse and reuse but often times we’d just crumple and toss because they were so flimsy or they’d get destroyed in the process of Noah digging for his snack. Then I remembered seeing reusable baggies on a cloth diaper website. At the time I laughed at the price – how could something so small cost so much. However, then it dawned on me to check Etsy (because you can find everything on Etsy!) and found these:

via her etsy shop

via her etsy shop

DH thought I was nutz for wanting to try it but he’s come around too (and although he doesn’t use them for his lunch, he uses them for Noah’s snacks – which is progress). I first purchased 3 just to see if I would use them. I found myself purchasing another three just a few weeks later. I love them! They’re the perfect size for a sandwich or crackers. I usually have two or three in my lunch bag carrying carrots, pretzels, grapes etc. They work well for dry and damp ingredients although I’ve never tried them with something sopping wet.

Best part is, for the most part you can just rinse them in the sink and let them dry. If they get really soiled I just stick them in the laundry with my dish towels. We’ve been using them for over a year now and they still look great.

With the next product I wasn’t necessarily looking to replace something we were using but rather it was introduced to me by a girlfriend (who happens to make her own babyfood…when she finds the time is beyond me…haha). Anyways, Noah LOVED those cute little pouches of pureed food and we loved that they were packed up and convenient enough to just hand to him while we were on the road. I never thought to even look for a reusable option but there they were – and once I found them, I had to try them. I found a number of others like them spouting various sizes, designs and features but ultimately we decided on the Squooshi brand pouches because of their adorable designs and multiple sizes. They were pretty affordable too.



Noah loves when I put his yogurt or applesauce in them and I’ve found that Lia’s finally able to suck from them which makes feeding her while I’m trying to make dinner for the rest of us a cinch. I just dump her baby food into the Squooshi and hand it over. Maybe someday I’ll find enough time to try out some of their home made recipes with quinoia or millet or something fancy like that. For now they’re used for packaged baby food, applesauce and yougurt but I’m okay with that. They’re so freakin adorable. We do keep a few of the other pouches on hand because they store well (vs. these which are best for fresh foods) but in the overall scheme of things we spend less on pouches than we did in the past.

The next thing I want to tackle is reusable paper towels. I have a pattern that I found on Pinterest and actually made a few for Lia’s room to keep next to the rocker. Now I just need to find a pretty pattern and some time to sew.

*I wasn’t compensated for this nor was I even prompted by the owners. I just wanted to share a few things that we love around here.

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  1. Cool — I’ve been looking at products like Squooshi but haven’t purchased one yet. I spend a fortune on those squeeze pounches, and making my own purees is so easy. Of course, Natasha’s basically done eating purees now, but Shelby still loves “pouchies,” and I’m sure Natasha will, too. How many did you get? I’m not sure how many to purchase for a realistic rotation.

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