Mar 312013

Gosh, this has actually been a good month, that is up until the very end there. We all caught the stomach flu and now the kids both have horrible colds:( Oh well, such is the life of a child I suppose.

Weight: 18ish lbs (done by weighing me and then me with her:) )
Length: 27ish inches (90%) (although I think she’s longer since she’s pretty much out of her 6 mo clothes)
Sleep:Doing better! She’s still perking up once or twice a night but for the most part a quick paci check and we’re back down. She can go the whole night without eating but I’ll generally give her a bottle when she wakes at 4 or so. It’s just easier to get her back to sleep. She’s down in the evenings by 7:15 and will sleep thru till 6:30am
Eating: As of the 31st she’s off the boob. I’d been dropping pumping sessions all month and just nursing at home. Then she started to reject me at home so I figured it was time. We still have some frozen milk stashed way so she’s getting one bottle a day during the week plus her formula bottles. It’s so weird – at this point Noah was taking upwards in 30oz of formula a day where as she’s at like half that. Feels so wrong but she doesn’t seem hungry and she’s growing so I figure it’s enough. She’s taking three things of solids a day too (plus any puffs/yougurt bites we give her). I let her go to town on some noodles, beans and carrots the other night and she was so excited!
Sizes: In all 6-9 or Carters 9. Daycare sent back all of her 6 month stuff because she’s too long for it now.
Milestones:She’s a champ at sitting and is starting to figure out how to get on her belly without bonking her head. On her belly she’s pulling her knees in a bit and bouncing but still hasn’t figure out forward motion. Mostly she just pushes herself around backwards. I see her reaching for things to pull herself up with but she’s not yet strong enough. I expect this month we’ll see that milestone. Plus I think she has two more teeth coming in – joy!




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