Mar 032013

I don’t think there’s enough cloth diaper talk happening on this blog lately:) I used to talk about it all the freakin time (at least it felt like that..). Anywho, we’re still a happy little cloth diapering family over here! It was kind of a no brainer with Lia since we’d done it for so long with Noah and little has changed since I did it with him.

Our stash is still a mix of BumGenius and Fuzzybunz although I’ve invested in a few more snap Kawaii diapers (some came for free and I purchased a few others). They’re nice and cheap and you can stuff the heck out of them. The only thing I noticed with Noah is that they’re larger and they stretch out over time. Neither of which is a problem, just something to look out for.

Additionally, this time around I’m using covers and prefolds more often. Mostly so I can save my pocket stash for daycare and when daddy’s diapering but also because I can super customize the absorbancy (plus they were all that fit when she was a tiny babe). I’m to the point tho with most of my covers (except the Flip covers) that I need to upgrade to the next size. No biggie, they’re not expensive, just something I have to remember to do soon. My favs are my Thirsties Duo covers…


Another new one to my stash is still a BumGenius diaper but it’s a different line (and I think I’m in love!!) It came as a freebie one time when I ordered a bunch of others and I liked it so much that as I retired a few more of Noah’s old ones, I purchased these in it’s place. I find that I go to them now when I’m in a rush getting the diaper bag together because there’s no stuffing! They’re an all-in-one but the center flaps open up so it washes and dries faster!

Bum Genius Free Time



I also added two large pail liners this time around and while I don’t actually use them in a pail, I do use them. I simply hang them over the edge of the changing table and cinch the top shut. Since I have a larger stash now I don’t have to wash as often and the pail liner is the perfect size to go those few days (I still wash at least every third day).

Anyways…things are swimming along here and we’re happy with our choices so far in diapers. I do need to finish the post I started over a year ago on how to get started. I’ve had a few girlfriends that just had babies or are due soon to deliver that have gone the cloth route and in answers all their questions I have a pretty good getting started post. I just need to finish it up….so who knows…maybe you’ll get two cloth diapering posts in one month (haha, maybe you’ll get two posts in one month in general, I’ve been slacking lately…)

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