Feb 282013

We’re closer to 1 year now than we are her birth..pretty crazy if you ask me. Lia’s developing such a personality! She’s still a really sweet and smiley baby although we’ve had some rough times lately with sickness and teeth. Despite all that she’s still the most chipper baby I’ve seen in a long time. I love love love when she flashes that wide gummy smile for you. She also loves loves loves her brother. She follows him around the room with her eyes and laughs hysterically when he runs around her. I can’t wait till their older and she can really participate.

Weight: 16lbs
Length: 27ish inches (90%)
Sleep:Has been hit or miss this month. We finally got rid of the ear infection and she started sleeping better for like a day and then those two pesky teeth made their appearance. I think that’s passed now (at least the worst part) so now I need to try to get her back on her schedule (she was so far off the deepend that i need a weekend to reset things)
Eating: I’m still pumping/nursing when at home but my supply is starting to decrease and I’m okay with that. She still gets 3 BM bottles and one formula bottle at school for the most part (some days it’s half and half). I’m saving my freezer stash for when I completely stop pumping so that she at least gets a little bit of BM. I figure at this point I can probably get her to 9 or 10 months with at least some breast milk. We’ll see how that goes. As for solids she’ll sometimes do a little container in the AM and then I’ll send a larger container to school. Then she’ll do another little (or finish off the one from the AM) around dinner time. Girl certainly likes to eat!!
Sizes: I bumped her up to 6-9 month and Carters 9 but then realized that I don’t have much in that size so I had to go shopping:) (woah is me right??!!:) )
Milestones:Again, lots this month (which could also explain some of the sleep fun stuff). She’s sitting on her own now although I do put pillows around since she’s not great about getting back to laying without bonking her head. Those two teeth that I felt last month have busted thru. She rolls back and forth pretty freely now. I’ll put her down and she works her way around to get what she wants. I’ve also found her sleeping on her stomach once or twice (although she still prefers her back). She pushes her chest off the floor and I can see those little feet and knees starting to pull up under her although I’m sure we’re still a ways away from crawling yet (and i’m okay with that…two on the move will be much more challenging)

I have a bunch of photos that I’ve taken in the last few weeks but have to actually get thru them..haha. For now, here’s a few from her photo shoot this am…




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  1. How is the world is she 7 months already?? I swear you were just posting about her birth.

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