Jan 012013

Overall 2012 was a good year for our family. Noah turned two, Lia arrived, our jobs were stable and we were able to send a bunch of time with our families. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to travel frequently up to see them or share on skype when travel is not possible. We have had continued good health and a generally free from stresses outside of work:) (and outside of raising a toddler…haha). Over all any troubles we may have had this year are trivial in the grand scheme of things and for that we are so very thankful.

I tried sifting thru the thousands of photos we have from this past year and come up with a small set to summarizes our year. I ended up with 40 pics….so much for small set:)

In no particular order:
We went hiking – played in the playgrounds – watched Lia grow month over month – went to the Zoo a bunch – welcomed our little Lia into the family – played in the pool – spent our last few days as a family of 3 – took pictures of sibling love – saw a choir perform in the Gallery of Art – took a cruise to the Caribbean – climbed the ropes at the Pgh Zoo – took newborn pics of Lia – went Easter egg hunting – had Lia baptized – saw an air show – built an 8ft snowman – rode our bike (alot!) – visted Great Falls – Became a family of 4 – visted yet another zoo – played in the snow – ate lots of Christmas cookies – played in the fall leaves – saw cool Christmas lights – was an elephant with Uncle J – Saw lots of trains – played in the leaves again – tried out an old sled in the snow at the start of the year – taught our sister what a nose was – was a little Owl – rode the incline in Pgh – turned two – snuggled with mommy – celebrated Christmas morning.

Phew…that’s a big nutshell. This year Noah’s finally to a point in understanding that when we take him places he comprehends and even remembers things after the fact. I love creating memories with him especially when he connects and recalls them at a later point in time.

Looking forward to 2013 I can’t wait to watch Lia grow and become mobile. It’s crazy to think she’ll be walking and talking this year!! I look forward to seeing what new and crazy things Noah comes up with as he progresses thru his third year and makes his way to 4! I also look forward to what DH and I learn about each other and how our relationship will grow. This year holds hope for continued health of our family, more time together, for a new house and continued success in our jobs.

Happy New Year!

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