Jan 062013

Things were so crazy around the holidays that I didn’t have much time to post. We did however do lots of fun things and took lots of fun pictures so I thought I’d take a few days to post updates on those.

Last year we did a “Noah” day where everything was dedicated to things Noah would like to do or see. We took the metro into the city (for the train experience) and then visited various museums to show him the dinosaurs and such. That day we needed to bide some time while he napped so we strolled over to the National Gallery of Art to just hang out. While there we were surprised to find a carol sing going on in the rotunda. It was such a nice surprise and a great way to spend a few hours on the weekend.

Well, the videos of that experience happen to be some of Noah’s most favorite videos to watch before bed. He always asks for the singing video. This makes total sense since this little boy walks around the house singing just about everything (warms my heart!!). Anywho, on to this year. I check the website and it happens that they were doing the carol sing again with the same group of people (The Central Bucks West Highschool Chorus). I couldn’t wait to take Noah!

We planned a morning in DC visiting some of the same museums we did before (he’s still interested in the dinos but only at a distance:)) and planned to see the 1:00 show of the singing. Noah was soooo excited! He was singing “Oh Christmas Tree” most of the morning in preparation. We arrived, grabbed our spot along the wall (so I could tend to Lia) and hung out waiting for them to start. Watching his face as the sound filled the room on their first notes was priceless. Even better was when he started to sing along!

Lia started to fuss so I had to feed her but DH and Noah went walking out into the middle of the rotunda to watch up close. When the show was over he couldn’t stop talking about it (still can’t all these weeks later). I think this is going to be part of our family tradition now.

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