Jan 072013

Things were so crazy around the holidays that I didn’t have much time to post. We did however do lots of fun things and took lots of fun pictures so I thought I’d take a few days to post updates on those.

Trying to get into the holiday spirit I was looking for things to do as a family that involved Christmas/Lights or anything festive. I missed out on a live nativity but in my search stumbled up on a local botanical garden that was having a festival of lights. It was worth a shot.

So worth it!! And another thing that will be part of our family tradition! For under $50 we spent a few hours walking thru the most exquisite light displays. We got one of the earliest start times so we when arrived it was not busy at all (that would change). Anyways, you exit the lobby and follow a well marked path thru all the various displays. There were hundreds of thousands of lights in so many different configurations. They had one that looked like a stream with fish jumping out of it. There was a field of tulips and a pumpkin patch. They even had a choreographed light show:

(borrowed from their website)

Noah sat rapt for the whole little show (and then ran like a mad man up and down the paths – which were stroller friendly). As you round the end there’s a huge fire pit where you can buy s’more kits and roast them over the fire. By the time we go there it was quite crowded so we skipped it but had we been there earlier it might have been awesome.

The last (and I think best part aside from the show) was the blue forest. They had about 30 trees completely wrapped in blue lights and hanging over the path were lights that made it look like it was snowing. Sooo much fun to walk thru!!!

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