Jan 142013

Still catching up. I only get a few spurts here and there to blog so I try to clobber as many posts as I can. However, I’m still weeks behind:)

This year for the holidays we decided to spend it here in our home as a family of 4. Noah’s old enough now that he “gets” Santa so we want to be at our house for the big event. That meant seeing the rest of the family on the weekends prior to and after Christmas.

So, we spent the weekend prior to Christmas with DH’s family. My in-laws and our nephews live close to one another so we get to see everyone in one visit. With 5 kiddos now it makes for a chaotic but wonderful time. Noah adores his big cousins and Lia sucks up all the attention being the only girl in the group. The houses are filled with laughter, good times, and good food.

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