Jan 212013

So the plague has hit me and Lia hard (so far Noah and DH are okay) but as such I’m not uber functional after taking care of mandatory daily tasks. So these catch up posts are pushing on and on and on….haha. I think I have just one more after this and we’re on to non Christmas related catch up…haha)

Christmas morning was so nice and relaxing. DH and I decided that Santa gets to give one or two bigger gifts and the rest come from us or from family. It worked out really well that way. We get to indulge Noah’s new found understanding of Santa without going overboard.

As luck would have it, Noah slept in that morning so it was just Lia and I awake at 8:00 enjoying the tree, presents, and some coffee. It was so peaceful and quiet. Once Noah woke the fun began. We have a loft so he was able to see the tree and presents almost immediately (there was nothing there the night prior, we set everything out as he slept). So he made his way downstairs in a half excited, half confused manner. We left his Santa presents over by the fireplace along with his stocking. He ran excitedly to check out if Santa ate the cookies only to find that not only did he eat the cookies and drink the milk but the reindeer took a couple of chomps out of the carrots we left (DH did this and I totally love it. I actually fell asleep early that night and DH finished setting up…he had as much fun as Noah did I think).

We left his big Santa gifts unwrapped mostly because they were big but also because I wanted him to see them right away and get excited. I think the best part of everything was the fact that as Noah opened a present, he wanted to play with it. So we’d open one, play with it for a while, then open another and play with it etc….it took us a few hours to get thru all the presents and I was totally okay with that. He was having so much fun.

With no where to go that day, after we finished with presents I cooked up breakfast (french toast) and we just hung around and played with toys. We made the calls up to the fam and even Skyped with them so they could watch Noah open some of their presents (my mom and dad had stopped down a few weeks prior to drop off the presents from them and my grandparents so the kids would have them for Christmas morning since we wouldn’t be seeing them until New Years).

It’s still odd to me to just have the 4 of us for Christmas. Growing up I remember running all over creation to visit family on Christmas day. We’d do at least three houses in one day to catch everyone. This is our second year doing it just us and I’m still adjusting. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy not having to pack everything up and drive all over but I still miss that house full of people hussel and bussel that comes with family at Christmas time.

That said, I think this was the best Christmas yet just because of Noah’s enthusiasm for the holiday and watching him and DH work on his toys together to get them working. Like I said, I think DH was as excited (if not more) than Noah:)

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  1. I agree that Santa should not get all of the credit, mom and dad should. I’m sure that this is the last year you’ll get to have a relaxing Christmas morning. Noah will probably be so excited in future years that he can’t sleep. I still need to go through out Christmas pictures too!

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