Jan 312013

6 months – half a year old!! Wow! I’d say that time went by fast but that’d be lying:) This month has been hard and long. She’s been sick pretty much the entire month which means her sleep is in the toilet. I spent most nights with her asleep on me while I sat up in the rocking chair (with the boppy propped up around me so she was safe and snug). So, to say we’re both exhausted is an understatement.

I think we’ve finally turned a corner in the last week though. She’s finally mostly healthy and so am I so now we can start working on getting those nice sleep habits back.

Weight: 15lbs (or so, DH did the docs appt and didn’t write it down) (50%)
Length: 27 inches (90%)
Sleep:So like I said, it sucked this month. Being sick (flu then an ear infection) combined with working on a development milestone we just didn’t get much sleep. She’d only sleep on me most of the time and for a good week she’d only sleep with a boob in her mouth so yea, I didn’t much sleep myself. But, we’ve turned a corner (knocking on wood) and I’m working on getting her back into a good sleep habit (which means tracking how much sleep she gets during the day to make sure we hit the sack early enough. I’ve noticed if she doesn’t book a full 14 hours a day she’s up all night.)
Eating: So we made it to 6 months of breastfeeding which was my big goal!!! Although, every time I think of weaning her I get sad so I’m not quite ready to do it yet. I did start giving her solids about 2 weeks ago before bed to see if it made a difference in her sleep. It didn’t but she did show me that she loves food!! She’ll put away a full 2.5 oz container 3 times a day now in addition to 4 4oz bottles at school and at least 3 nursing sessions at home. I don’t know where she puts it all.
Sizes: Mostly in Carters 6’s now. I have a few size 3 pants that work as capris but for the most part she’s graduated up.
Milestones:Lots going on this month. We get a consistent belly to back roll now and just this week she started back to side and almost over. She gets stuck on her arm. I give her another week and we’ve got both mastered. She’s also working on sitting. She can sit for a few seconds on her own and will sit for a while if I put a boppy behind her. We’re definitely making strides in that direction. Gosh, I can’t believe that in another month or two she’ll probably be pulling up to her knees!!

I can also feel her two front bottom teeth starting to push up. You can see her little gums bulging which means they’re well on their way. That could also be part of our problem with sleep:)

Adventures:Nothing big lately. We’ve made it thru our first ear infection so I suppose that’s an adventure.





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