Dec 212012

In light of the events of the last few weeks I’ve been spending alot of time reflecting. I cried huge tears when I found out about all those children in CT and couldn’t even think about it for days without dissolving into a puddle. As a parent it’s unfathomable. I know that life without one of my babies would be unbearable (heck, without DH too). I’d like to think that I’d have the strength and poise that some of these parents are showing but know full well I’d be a hopeless mess for a long time.

So, as I was cuddling with Noah last night before bed, things started running thru my head. Things I never want to forget about him. Things like:
– that he’s ticklish just about everywhere but if you catch him on the back of his legs he dissolves into fits of laughter like I’ve never heard before. It’s the sweetest sound.
– How he has to have everything just so. Everything has a place and when it’s not there, he fixes it so that it is. This runs the gammut from kitchen equipment to toys to his clothes. A little OCD perhaps but it’s so endearing.
– His memory and the way he says “I rememmer dis”…and goes on to tell you a memory he has. Sometimes they’re from recent times, other times he digs up things that happens month ago.
– His stories. He jabbers on and on and on about the activities of his day or just plain nonsense. I love listening to him try to communicate. Most of the time he’s dead accurate and you can understand him even if the story makes no sense at all.
– How he squinches his face up and says “cheese” for the camera (when he’s not covering his face and yelling “No!”)
– The way his little feet move as he runs around the house. It’s kind of a shuffle run. He even anticipates the corners and you can see him lean into it to keep from falling.
– His enthusiasm for chocolate. Chocolate fro breakfast, chocolate for lunch, chocolate for dinner and nay time in between. Also, his understanding that there is no chocolate until he eats dinner (which to him is breakfast and/or lunch…everything is dinner these days).
– When he says, unprompted, I love you and hugs your leg.
– The way he says “yes” and nods his head real big. It’s more like “yeahus” and drawn out and those huge eyes open so wide when he says it.
– Oh, those eyes….he has the most beautiful wide open eyes (except when he’s saying “cheese”)
– the way his hair stands straight up at the crown of his head regardless of how short or long we keep it.
– his cute little tushy as he runs around after his bath yelling “nakey boy” and then dropping to the ground in laughter.
– how, as frustrating as it can be at the time, he has to dictate who gets to do what at the time. Like, “no, mommy reads the story” or “no, only daddy gets to drive”.
– How he hears and absorbs everything we say. “no, only mommy touches that, not Noah” when I’m using something sharp in the kitchen.
– The glee in his eyes as he thrusts the Christmas gift we assembled for his teacher into the air in front of her.
– His wide little feet and the 10 perfect toes that I love to kiss. I could never find shoes for him as a baby because he had such wide fat feet. Now I love them.

Oh gosh, I could go on forever. He’s such an amazing little boy who can be both frustrating and mind blowingly awesome all in the same minute. He’s hilarious and knows it and I’m glad he’s mine. I thank God every day for him and his sister and pray for their health and well-being constantly.

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