Dec 312012

And just like that she’s 5 months old! They say time flies when you’re having fun…well time flies when you’re not getting enough sleep too:) Hehe. That’s our new development this month. Call it 4 month wakeful a month late or just call it “we’ve been sick for almost a month now” but Lia’s beautiful sleep habits are a thing of the past. She’s still a super happy chipper baby, especially at 3am when it’s time to sleep. She’s found her voice and will certainly let you know she’s there. It’s funny because it’s not angry yells, it’s the “hey, i’m over here look at me yells”. Totally cute even at 3am.

I’m hoping that as we figure out how to kick these colds/viruses that she and I keep passing back and forth (DH and Noah are unaffected thankfully) that we’ll be on to better sleep. She’s just so freakin congested that sometimes she goes to breath thru her nose and it’s clogged which then causes her to panic and scream (which then only exacerbates the problem). She’s been sleeping in her car seat a bunch just because it props her up enough to keep the snot from choking her.

Outside of that she’s still the sweetest most smiley baby you’d ever meet. Other peoples reactions to her are always the same. They’ll coo and gah at her and she’ll flash that big gummy smile and they melt:) I melt:) Toss in a giggle and they’re incapacitated..haha. I certainly hope her sunny personality stays with her as she gets bigger. It will be a nice change from Noah’s stormy one.

Weight: She’s got to be pushing 14lbs now..she feels so solid.
Length: i’ll be we’ve hit 25 inches by now. If I can nail her down for more than 10 seconds I’ll try to measure.
Sleep:Yea, this. If we take the last 2 weeks as our guide, she’s down at 7:30ish, up at 12:30/1 ish, 2:30/3 ish, 4:30/5ish, then up for good at 7 or so. In between those times she’s fitful and just full of snot which when she tries to breath in thru her nose causes her to cough and sputter because it’s clogged. Beautiful stuff I tell you. I’ve spent most nights from about 3:00 on sleeping in the rocking chair with her propped up on my chest (but not on her belly, no, she likes the cradle hold). She’s most definitely not a belly sleeper.
Eating: 5 months EBF and going strong!! I’m shooting for 6 months and then we’ll see. I’m kind of torn about going longer or not. I’d like to get back to exercising but every time I do, my supply takes a huge dip. I haven’t found the magic combo that lets me do both yet. So that’s one argument for starting to wean but every time I think about it I get sad. We’re doing so well and it’s so easy!
Sizes: I pulled all of her 0-3 mo stuff out of rotation and dropped in a few Carters 6 and 6-9 mo things. They’re still a bit big but a quick roll of the cuff and things work.
Milestones:She graduated to the exersaucer now. Her head control is exceptional and she loves to stand up. However, we can’t get her to roll over with any kind of consistency. She’s happy to be on her back. If I stick her on her tummy she’ll just lay her head down vs. roll to her back so…we’ve been working on it. She’s also sitting better now with assistance. I can get her to balance for a few seconds before she slumps over.

She’s definitely working more with her toys. She’s mastered the bar over her bouncy and is getting the hang of the ones on the exersaucer. She’ll grab things and pull them to her and straight into her mouth. She’s even figured out that her hands are part of her and seems to be amazed at that.
Adventures:Lots and lots of holiday travel. We made trips to both grands over the course of a few weekends.




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