Nov 182012

Our nephews think DH is pretty cool. His magic tricks are cool, he is always ready to play with them and be the jungle gym but best of all, he has the best stories to tell. He pulls them from his head, some are true and some are not. All are slightly embellished for effect.

Now that Noah’s older and after reading the same Llama Llama story for the 5000th time, DH introduced him to “stories from daddy’s head”. I think he just wanted a way to tell Noah a story with the lights out so that he’s more apt to fall asleep but regardless, Noah is just as enthralled as his cousins are with his daddys story telling skills.

So, I’m sitting feeding Lia tonight and I can hear Noah running down the hall asking for “stories from your head daddy”. He even asked me one day if I could tell stories from my head…sadly, I’m not gifted with that talent. That’s all his daddy and I love it.

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