Nov 212012

So, waaaaay back in October, right before I went back to work we had Lia baptized at the church that I grew up in. We had Noah baptized there as well so it only made sense to do Lia’s too. My mom did 99% of the planning and cooking which was totally unintentional but with going back to work and juggling two kids I just didn’t keep up. She did an amazing job planning and executing the reception in the church hall afterwards.

Lia did great thru the whole baptism and church service (so did Noah which is surprising). She slept thru most of everything only waking up when he put the water on her head. Even at that she was just looking around.

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It’s always wonderful to get the whole family together. Because our families are 4 some hours apart we don’t often get everyone from both sides together. Come to think of it, the next time we’ll have most everyone together will be my brothers eventual wedding (some day…:) ).

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  1. She’s gorgeous! Congrats on her baptism!

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