Nov 192012

So, most of this is probably boring to most of you but since this blog acts as a journal of sorts I’m going to write it out because our weekend adventure was actually rather funny to me…

A few weekends ago we headed up to Pittsburgh for Lia’s baptism (pics to come…). We’d planned a day out with DH’s family on Saturday and dinner out with everyone followed by the baptism and a reception on sunday. To say it was a full weekend was an understatement. My poor sleep deprived body was not going to get any extra zzz’s in this weekend (but then again, I never really get to sleep in so…)

I’m going to break it out by day because there was at least one adventure each day worth talking about.

We packed up and headed out just before 8. Perfect timing since Lia was down for the night and Noah was due to fall asleep within the hour. The 4+ hour ride home was rather uneventful other than both DH and I being bone tired and me buying what amounted to my body weight in sugary gummy things to keep us awake (and 2 cups of coffee).

We arrive at my parents house around 12:30pm. Sensing we were approaching the heaven that is MeeMaw and Papa’s house, Noah woke about 5 min before we arrived. That gave him just enough time to wake up and get revved up. Once in the house he went dancing/running right into MeeMaw’s arms and then bounced over to Papa to give his hellos. Then he started his tornado reign of terror by pulling out every last toy they had available.

After DH and I unpacked the car we went back inside and tried to get Noah into bed. haha..that was a joke. I’d forgotten (or rather, he’d unpacked it at home) his favorite “mahki”. So, we spent hours trying different things to comfort him so he could go to sleep. Finally around 3:00 in the morning I’d managed to trick him into using Lia’s blanket instead (he loves to rub the silky tags that are on the edges of the muslin aden and anais blankets. We have like 20 of this just for him but Lia has a set too.) only to find that the dog had taken my spot in bed. So, off to bed with Noah I went. Lia then started our day at 6:00am. Beautiful

There was alot to do Saturday. Errands to pick up all the stuff for the reception on Sunday and just some general preparation. I’m totally no help because I’m chasing or feeding children and I kind of feel bad. We need to meet DH’s family downtown at 1:30pm and at 12:00 i was still attached to a hungry child. We do make it though with a little time to spare and just had to wait for the rest of the family to arrive. All the while we’re dodging rainstorms and praying that they hold off long enough for us to get the family picture at the top of Mt. Washington.

The incline ride up with 6 adults and 5 kids was actually alot of fun. Chaos but fun. The boys really enjoyed it. Once we were to the top it was a mad dash to try to get the pic taken before the next band of rain showed. We couldn’t find a happy medium…it was either raining or too sunny to get the shot. We tried a bunch of times until the kids got fed up. In the midst of this I can tell Lia’s getting hungry and I’m trying to devise a plan for which to feed her. I had her in the Ergo carrier so I figured, worse comes to worst I’ll just figure it out and feed her from there. Well, about 20 min later worse came to worst and she’s wailing and DH is still trying to get a picture of all of us and Noah’s still trying to slide thru the rails and throw himself off the mountain. Fed up, I just released the arm straps so that she sat really low and whipped it out. 10 seconds later…silence..sweet silence (and the occasional honk of her eating). I tossed a blanket over my shoulder and went on my merry way as she ate. MIL and SIL got a kick out of it.

Saturday night was dinner with the family. 15 people including 4 boys ages 2 – 7 and Lia was chaos but so much fun. I love my loud crazy family:) Saturday night bed time was muuuuuuch easier and both kiddos were down by 9:00.

Sunday was the baptism which in itself was crazy. The reception was at the church immediately following so we all went over early to get tables set and food in the oven. All of that went quite smoothly. The adventure happened on our ride back home to VA. DH wanted to see the fall colors so we took the scenic route home. It was beautiful but a tad longer than the other route so we were getting tired. The kids were holding up thankfully but traffic wasn’t. After getting off the twisty turny scenic part, we hit the interstate only to find ourselves in stand still traffic. A quick check of Google maps and we see there’s an accident about 5 miles up the road. So, 5 miles of back up. We’d be there for HOURS! DH decided that he’d flip a U-turn thru the grassy median and catch the next exit and try to find a way home from there. However, to do that, he had to drive down the median a bit to get to a section of open guard rail on the other side. Thankfully we’re in the SUV and of course he thought it was hilarious:) Back on to the scenic roads we go to get around the accident. Once past things were smooth sailing.

All in all it took us about 6 hours to get home. It did involve stopping once for gas/food (and having to take an alternative route back to the interstate because of a different accident), once to let Noah pee, once to let daddy pee, once to let the dog pee (I combined my stop with the dog’s stop). I even had to pump while we were on the road because after 4 hours I was really starting to hurt (Lia was out cold thankfully). Fun times. But we made it home safely which is most important and have an adventure to speak of now (another great story for daddy to tell from his head some day).

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