Nov 272012

I’d done a day in the life way back when Noah was just a few months old. I thought it would be fun to do another now that we’ve got two in the mix. This is your typical week day give or take a few modifications since Lia’s still not super consistent in her sleep. This is a general sequence of events:)

3:00am – Lia’s up to eat. She’s noshes, I pump, and we’re all back to bed by 4:00 (this varies an hour either direction)

5:45am – my alarm goes off, I hit snooze.

6:00am – the time we generally get out of bed. On good days I’m alone at 6am and can get ready. On bad days both kids are up and I have to kick DH out of bed to help. On most days it’s me and Noah.

6:15am – Depending on when she last ate, Lia’s generally up and wants to eat. I take a break from getting ready and feed her.

6:45am – Lia’s done eating and sometimes is back asleep. This morning she’s not so she joins me in the bathroom in her swing while I finish getting ready. Hubs takes Noah downstairs to eat.

7:00am – I’m all ready, pack up the pump and head downstairs to eat and pack the rest of our bags. This includes bottles, diapers, pump, my purse, sometimes my laptop bag, and my lunch. On a good day we’re out the door by 7:30, today it’s more like 8.

8:00am – I drop off the kids and head into work.

8:30 – 5:00 is work time. I take a pump break at 9, 1, and 4.

5:30 – 7:00 – I arrive home, DH is quickly behind me with the kids (Daycare pick up is 5:30) I try like heck to get dinner ready. It helps alot to have planned ahead of time so I’m not trying to figure it all out with the chaos of kids. If I miss my Saturday planning/grocery day the week is significantly harder (or we eat out more). Somewhere in there (generally 6 or so) Lia needs to eat. If dinner is ready I just nurse her as we all eat. If it’s not, DH takes over and I go feed her.

7:00pm starts bed time generally. Lia’s first. I take her up, change her, feed her, and get her in bed. That usually takes 30 or so min so she’s asleep in bed by 7:45. In the mean time DH starts bed time with Noah. Big glass of milk and some wind down time. Shower/bath and then stories. On good days he’s out by 8:30, on bad days it can be 10:00 before he finally settles.

7:45is – 9ish – Once Lia is in bed and DH is wrangling Noah I head downstairs to get things set up/packed for tomorrow. I make up the bottles from that days pumped milk and pack my lunch for the next day so it’s ready in the fridge. I wash/sterilize pump parts and bottles and make sure they’re back in the pump bag. I pack the diaper bag and assemble diapers too. Every other night I start a load of diaper laundry and sometimes I have time for regular laundry too (otherwise that waits till the weekend)

9ish – whenever I pass out – After all that is ready for tomorrow I’ll sit down for some TV/photo editing/blogging time. I usually only make it an hour or so before I call it a day and head to bed. I want to get a good stretch of sleep before Lia wakes up to eat.

I’m looking forward to the days when Lia drops that middle of the night feeding (and I don’t have to wake up and pump) but at this point I know that’s a ways away. I surprised how well I’m functioning give all the ups and downs. I guess your body just adapts as you do it more and more. Now my mom’s 5:45am wake up time when I was a child makes total sense!

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  3 Responses to “A day in the life…”

  1. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one with a toddler who’s a night owl. Norah is often still bouncing off the walls at 930. I swear we aim for 8 but it just never happens.

  2. Respect! Seriously, my hat goes off to you. I only have Ava, and still I feel like I’m meeting myself coming and going (a lot of that is work, though, and David being gone nights for school), so I cannot imagine having to function on less sleep and one more child!

  3. My DITL was so similar to this before I quit pumping/nursing! It’s not all that different now — just no pumping. Natasha still gets up once a night to eat, although I’m trying to cut that out. It’s hard because she’s barely eating enough during the day. Yep, it totally makes sense now why my parents were always in bed by 10pm and up early. :-)

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