Oct 122012

Okay, a little over 1 month but close enough:) I’ve made some progress in the baby weight department:)

I’m happy to say that I’m only 2 lbs away from when I got pregnant with Lia! Now I only have another 10 to get below pre Noah weight and nearly 15 to get to my goal:)

Start: 167 lbs (i had it wrong before…i was almost 170 when I went into the hospital with her…holy hell) I came home from the hospital at 160.
Today: 142 lbs
Goal: 125 lbs

I’ll have to take a better before shot of myself but here’s one from the bathroom at work today:)

I’ve been watching my calories and breastfeeding for the most part of that loss. I’ve added back in moderate exercise sporadically haha. I went for a run and a bike ride this past weekend and experimented with a night run after Lia was in bed (DH was on Noah duty) last night and that seemed to work. So perhaps we can add that in now too 3x a week. We’ll see. I’m trying to be careful about how much I lose how quickly so I don’t affect my supply of milk for Lia. It’s already taken a hit with pumping so I want to be careful not to compromise it further.

In addition to cardio, I have developed what I like to call the “get it when you can ” workout which means that I do pushups, calf raises, planks, whatever while I’m doing other things like putting on my makeup or doing my hair. I particularly like doing wall pushups in the shower. It’s a back massage and work out in one!

Anywho..there’s progress. Hopefully it keeps going as I’m already starting to notice that my old pants fit again (most of them anyways). The belly is still pretty jiggly but that tends to be where I carry my weight so I expect it to fall off last. Thankfully it’s sweater season so I can hide it for the most part (the muffin top that is). Here’s to hoping it’s gone by next summer!!

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  1. All you have to do is smile and no one will notice a little belly jiggle!

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