Oct 312012

Our little Lia is 3 months already! I can’t believe it! I’m back to work, she’s in daycare and we’re settling in to a comfortable, if not exhausting, pattern:) I have a day in the life post in progress so that you all can see how we function. Pretty much every min is filled with something.

On the Lia front, she was baptized this month and started daycare. Both of which she handled like a champ. Day 1 of daycare was rough but it got better as we went along. New environment, sounds, smells etc…it was hard for her at first. She’s had an off and on stuffy nose that only seems to manifest itself in the middle of the night so we’ve had a few nights of sleeping upright in a chair (which is much more comfortable now that I found my neck pillow).

She still as smiley as ever and I think I even heard a giggle yesterday as I was changing her diaper. Her face just lights up when DH or I enter the room. I love it. She also loves loves loves her big brother. It’s all smiles when it comes to him and he eats it up! If I can ever figure out how to get my phone to dock with my computer again I’ll have to pull the vids and share. It’s freakin adorable and just melts my heart. Most days I can’t believe they’re both mine:)

Weight: No dr’s appt this month so nothing official but she’s starting to work her way out of the Carters size 3 clothes so I’m betting she’s pushing 12 lbs. I’ll weigh her when we get home tonight.
Length: Again, no dr’s appt so we’ll see next month.
Sleep:Since she started daycare she’s sleeping from 7/7:30 until 4/5 or so which is great. Poor kid is just so tired when she gets home but you’d never know it, she’s still all smiles. On the weekends she’ll generally give us one good nap during the day but only if we’re out and about. Otherwise it’s an hour here, 30 min there. In between she’s pretty happy tho.
Eating: She’s still exclusively breastfed. She gets bottles of pumped milk during the day and nurses in the evening/over night. She has no problem switching back and forth except for when my supply is low in the evening then she gets pissed but we work thru it. She’s eating ever 2-3 hours except at night.
Sizes: Carters size 3 and most 0-3 in other sizes. We’re getting to the end of those though. She’s getting too long for them.
Milestones:If you put her on her tummy she’ll fall/roll to her back. I don’t think it’s deliberate yet though. It’s more like she’s cheezed off because she’s on her tummy and flails until she makes it to her back…
Adventures:Well, she’s lived thru a hurricane:) We all camped out in one room while Sandy did her worst. Thankfully she (Lia) was none the wiser. Also, she was baptized on Oct 21. She slept thru that whole ordeal too…

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  1. Aww! I’m so glad you guys came through Sandy ok! I can’t believe she’s already three months!

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