Oct 112012

I’ve started writing this no less than 10 times. I’ve change the first sentence at least 4 times to accommodate the change in days etc…such is my new life. Bed time is now 9:30 – 10:00 and waking is around 5:30/6. Time to blog, exercise, or think of anything other than the kids has been drastically cut back. We will find our rhythm soon…

So today was my third day back and it was a drastic improvement over my first day back. We actually managed to get the timings right and get me to work on time:)

I was so frustrated with my day Monday that as the day went on I was jotting down notes and points to remember just to make myself laugh. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Set an alarm. Don’t rely on the kids to do what they normally do and wake up at the same time they’ve been waking up at for the last month. That’s a sure fire way to completely sleep in and ensure your day starts in a rush.

2. Pack your lunch the night before and set it by the door or leave yourself a note. I did neither and had to buy lunch in the town center which was both expensive money wise and calorie wise.

3. Don’t fight the kid and just let him take the toy to school. I made Noah leave his toys in the car so that he wouldn’t lose it or forget it at school and that started a full on tantrum. So not worth it when you’re in a rush (shoot, so not worth it ever). The end of said tantrum meant that he was extra clingy and lovey so I had a hard time getting out the door at daycare.

4. Actually wear the outfit you picked out the night before instead of changing your mind 10 times in the morning. I’d purposefully planned out two outfits, one an alternate for the other just in case I wasn’t feeling it but ended up in something entirely different but only after 3 other changes.

5. Don’t forget your sunglasses. Day 3 here an I have yet to remember them meaning I’m nearly blinded by the sunglare on the way to work. It’s so much fun trying to drive when your eyes are trying their hardest to close to protect themselves….car visors are worthless.

6. Don’t forget your pump parts. This has been a huge fear of mine since I started back. So much so that I pack up my pump at 3am after I’m done using it and put it by the door. Then, as I leave I double check that everything is there. Nor sure there could be anything worse than forgetting an essential piece of that equipment considering it’s my only relief while I’m at work.

7. Accept the fact that yes, you will look like a bag lady with your purse, laptop bag, pump and lunch bag. At least mine are all black and coordinate with my coat. However, I’m going to have a permanent lean to the right after supporting all that stuff on my left shoulder.

8. If you’re going to wear high heels, start trying them out a week before to ease back into it. Almost 9 months of no heels made for a very very uncomfy first day and subsequent second day in Converse sneakers (with dress pants mind you…i’m so fashionable. Trendsetting I say). I’m in heels again today but have my Cons to wear to and from the office and any time in between when the pain in my toes gets to be too much!

9. Be surprised at how fast the days go when you have three pumping breaks in them. I take my laptop and work while I’m pumping but still, it goes really quickly for some reason.

10. Make sure hubby, who is still at home with the babe, brings her down to see you at least once during his time off if not daily..hehe. I haven’t gotten him to do it daily but they are stopping by today and maybe I can convince him once next week while he’s still home. I’m looking forward to the break to see them.

Anyways….first week back is almost over and things are going pretty well. I miss my girl terribly but I know she’s in good hands with DH and I know it gets better like it did with Noah (i mean, I miss Noah too but I’ve had time to get used to that:) ). I’m a little anxious to get her off to daycare so that we can settle into our real routine but on the other hand, I don’t want to rush it. She’s bonding with her daddy:)

And for good measure, here’s a pretty pic of my girl sleeping:) I’d give you a pic of Noah too but he won’t stand still long enough for me to get one.

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