Oct 022012

Yesterday started my last week home with Lia before heading back to work. Just like that 10 weeks has sped on by and I have to leave my baby girl in order to get a paycheck…this sucks:( I have to admit I’m less anxious about daycare with her than I was with noah but I can feel it start to creep in the closer I get to leaving her.

Like with Noah, as I head back, DH will take two more weeks so that Lia gets a full 12 weeks at home before daycare. Up to this point it’s been me and her almost 24/7 while DH took care of Noah so it will be nice for him to get in some bonding time while I’m at work. However, since he’s spent so little time with her it’s going to be quite the adjustment. I’m debating on whether I should prepare a “Lia” manual for him..haha.

Now, unlike Noah, I’m working in an office vs. at home plus I’m still breastfeeding which means pumping at work. I’m interested to see how this plays out. We have special rooms at work but you have to book them like you book normal meetings…it’s weird. I have no idea how often I should pump and if I’m even going to be able to pump enough to keep up with her needs (babies are sooo much more effective at getting the milk out:) ). So I’m a little anxious about that. I know she’ll take a bottle, she’s done it for us a few times in the past. I’m just worried about keeping up (and the reverse cycling that often happens and will keep me up all night..) Part of me is going to miss that bonding too…it tell folks that she’s like my third arm and it’s so true. With the exception of our dinner out when she was 3 weeks old, I’ve not been away from her for more than an hour this entire 10 weeks. She’s a fixture and I love it. I’m going to miss her soo much during the day.

I know that she’ll be fine and I will to but those first few weeks are the hardest. I’m going to try not to cry this time:)

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  1. Oh, it’s SO hard, isn;t it? Maybe atleast for the time while your hubby is home he can bring Lia to you at lunch. That way you can see her once a day and have less time to worry about pumping. My baby reverse cycled and did not take a bottle, but I saw him at lunch, so that helped. Don’t you wish we lived in a country where you got a paid 6 weeks or even a year off? I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it work for your family.

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