Oct 042012

This past Sunday DH had a volleyball tournament down in DC which left me on kiddo duty for the day (there is no freakin way I was lugging both kids down to DC to watch. At least not without an army of help:) ). So, instead of going stir crazy in the house, we decided to get out and enjoy one of the local parks here. I met up with my girlfriend Lisa and her little guy T for a fun few hours climbing and jumping and running.

After the playground, Noah, Lia and I stopped at a local BBQ joint that just happens to neighbor a major biking trail in the area. It was great fun watching the bikes come in and out but was a bit of a challenge to keep Noah from running out to join them. We enjoyed our BBQ and then headed home for nap time. Except, Noah skipped his nap so we decided to go outside and ride our bikes. Which only lasted 20 min before he was bored. In the end we watched way too much Bob and Barney but we survived until daddy came home later in the evening.

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Oh, and he won the tournament so I can’t be too mad at him for leaving me all day with them while he went out and had fun:) hehe…

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