Sep 302012

Another month in the books and our little Lia is growing so fast! I love looking back to my posts about Noah around this time and comparing them. So many similarities yet so so different. Lia’s still a pretty easy baby. She cries when she’s hungry or over tired and that’s about it. Thankfully she’s pretty good at self soothing so we can put her down drowsy and she works her way to sleep (albiet a little loud and grunty but she does it on her own). Anyways…stats..

Weight: 9lb 14oz
Length: 22.5 in
Sleep:She gave us 7.5 hours the other night but hasn’t done it since. The long stretch is still 5 – 6 hours or so then another 3 – 4 hours. There’s a long stretch during the day too generally in the AM. Then she spend most of the afternoon/evening up with just a few small cat naps here and there.
Eating: The boobies are still going strong. I have quite a bit frozen for when I go back to work but hopefully I won’t have to dive into it right away. She eats every 3 hours most of the day and then clusters in the evenings.
Sizes: I’ve put away most of her newborn sleepers since she’s too long for them. The pants hang on as capris and her shirts still fit. I have washed and started using all of her 0-3 and 3 month stuff. Some is still a bit big but we make it work. I’ve retired the 4 Lil Joey all in one diapers but am still using her newborn covers as well as the size one covers.
Milestones:She’s all smiles and coos now, I love it! Plus she’s holding her head up really well. The doc was impressed at her appointment. Her brother was the same way so I’m not surprised I have strong little kids:)
Adventures:Made our first drive to Pittsburgh and it actually went smoother than I thought. I 30 min stop mid way to eat (for all of us) and we were on our way again. We even managed to get out (mom and dad only) and left grammy and papa in charge.

I did her 2 month pics today and you can see them below. She’s so alert! I need to do a side by side with her and Noah to see the difference.

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