Sep 172012

So it’s been quiet around here because well, it’s been everything in me to just keep my head above water and blogging was at the bottom of the pool. Daycare was “closed” last week. The owner was on vacation as per our contract but she left it open with her helpers if you wanted to pay an extra weeks worth of tuition to send your kid…needless to say, I’m home and we’re watching our pennies so that left me here with both kids all day by myself. So far I’ve only had to manage both kids alone for short periods of time and never outside the house so this week felt daunting. What the heck was I going to do with Noah all day, every day for a week (while trying to wrangle Lia too). He’s non stop!

I needed a plan. The weather was suppose to be beautiful so I figured anything I could do to get him outside would work. So I planned out a weeks worth of visits to various playgrounds in our area. He could run free and I’d carry or stroll Lia and manage both kids at once. Best laid plans…

[nggallery id=’28’]

Those pics were on the days things actually worked out like planned…2 of the 5 days….haha. Although one of the two park visits ended early because someone wasn’t listening to mommy after repeated warnings. Anyways, I was proud of myself that we actually got out of the house without much incident. That’s not to say that it didn’t take us until 11am most days to get out (after starting at 7am) but we got out.

Props to all full time stay at home moms! It’s the single most empowering, discouraging, frustrating, and rewarding job in the world and I only did it for a week. There were times I thought I could take on anything (when both kids were cooperating and happy) and the other times when I had one kid hanging off the boob and the other trying to dump his own poop from the little potty to the big potty and then asking me to wipe him, when I questioned my sanity and my ability to do anything. Or when they’re both screaming at the top of their lungs while we sat in traffic on the way to the park and there was not a thing I could do about it. Fun times.

But we survived and actually had some fun while we were at it. Mornings were spent out doing something active and after nap (which didnt always happen) we did projects. I think projects were Noah favorite part of the day which makes sense since he’s my kid and I love crafty stuffs:) My mom said I was always a project lover as a kid too…

Anywho…I have 5 or 6 blog posts started and hopefully now that noah’s back at school and it’s just me and Lia, I’ll be able to get some of them finished and share what’s been going on lately.

For now, here’s our week in pictures…at least a few of them.


Burrito Boy | RTC Fun | Wrapping paper cape
Enjoying the weather | pool fun | I fell…
odd outfit | Project time | Sailing our boats
Cork boats | trying out the sleep positioner | out
sleepy girl | fruity girl | oops..duplicate

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  1. :) You made me giggle! The baby off the boob while someone is trying to put poop in the big potty is a daily thing in this house haha. Glad you made it through the week!

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