Sep 242012

When we decided on cloth for Noah we didn’t actually start using them until he was almost 2 months old. I was so new to things that I didn’t even want to entertain the idea until we had a routine going. For Lia I thought that I’d try to switch to cloth know, being an experienced momma with the “I’ve got this” mentality (bwahahahaha). It was actually quite easy to start earlier although it did take a different type of diaper to make it work.

With most all in ones and one sized pocket diapers (like the Fuzzibunz and BumGenius we used for Noah) you can’t start using them until the babe is larger (10lbs ish). Lia was born barely 6lbs and dropped below 6 after we left the hospital. Even before she arrived I knew I’d have to buy additional smaller diapers to accommodate her at that early time. However, they’d only work for the first month or two. So, to keep the cost low I decided on prefolds with covers.

A quick browse of my favorite diaper sites and boards I settled on two different covers – a Thirsties extra small and the Rumparooz newborn covers. I also decided to splurge on some Rumaprooz Lil Joey all in ones.

The Lil Joeys are what fit first. They were so tiny and with the double gusset they contained the poo pretty well (we had one splosion:( ). I really liked them but they took forever to dry! I only had 4 so at first we were using those and disposables.

Once she got back up to her birth weight the Thirsties cover started to fit better. They also have a double gusset and it does a great job of containing things:) That poor cover has been washed more than all the others because I used it so much. I really wish I’d gotten more than one.

The last to fit was the Rumparooz. They started to fit her around 2 weeks old. They’re still pretty big on her but that’s fine, they’ll work as she gets older. I was surprised at how big they were. The diaper claims to fit from 6 – 12 lbs. Really, at 10lbs I would say they’re finally starting to fit her well and at 6lbs they were just too big (they covered half of her body and I couldn’t get the legs tight enough to prevent gaping).

The last challenge I had was finding a prefold that actually fit her. I used Bummis Organic Cotton size 1 and they were just too bulky on her tiny little frame initially. I was discouraged. I didn’t want to go buy more stuff so I started using the newborn inserts from my pocket diapers. It actually worked okay. Then I found some Gerber birds eye cotton prefolds at Target that were a lot less bulky.

Today I’ve started using my pocket diapers and my small Thirsties covers along with the Bummis and Gerber prefolds (and the newborn covers). My stash is to the point where I don’t need to wash for at least a week (not that I let it go that long…I’m still washing every other night) but I think the Lil Joeys days are limited. They’re just getting too tight around her belly. I can’t believe how quickly she blew thru those (anyone want to buy 4 Lil Joey’s? Pink and Purple…i’ll cut you a deal!)

Anyways, CD’ing a newborn isn’t that big a deal and if you plan carefully it’s not all the much more expensive. I figured 3 sets of prefolds, 3 covers and the 4 Lil Joeys cost me around $100 and at least 2 of those covers and many of the prefolds will last me well into her first year.

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