Aug 082012

I started this prior to Lia’s birth but never got a chance to finish it:) As with most things these days, we’re a little late:) )

Gosh, so much has changed with Noah since my last update. I feel like he’s made huge strides in the last few months with his language and motor skills. Looking at him at 2 and now and there’s such a huge difference. He talks in full sentences now and really is starting to comprehend situations and apply past knowledge to them. He busts out with things like “i’m going to mow the lawn with my head phones on” in this middle of dinner. Or he see’s an object (like a boat) and talks about how he rode on a boat when he was little and the horn was loud. He jabbers non stop. Most of the time it makes sense but others it’s just a collection of words and phrases.

My favorite part is when he looks up and says “good job mommy” when I’ve done something to help him. The other day he added “I’m proud of you!”. I’m happy to know that he hears us when we tell him that and actually understands when to use it (well, for the most part).

He sings all the time. If it’s not a song he knows from school (hokey pokey, old mc donald, etc) he’s making them up as he goes and including situational events in them. As time goes on you can understand more and more of the song. He’ll even dance when it’s warranted. The guitar and piano are still favorites (and I need to get him new strings for the guitar).

He’s been regressing a little on the sleep – he needs one of us there to fall asleep these days and naps are a challenge if we don’t hit it just right but overall he’s not doing too bad. It took us awhile to get back to normal after the interruption/irregularity we faced after the storm at the start of July. So, he’s still shifting between an 8:30 and 9:30 bed time. He’s generally up between 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning and napping 2 hours a day (sometimes three on the weekends when we can actually get him down). He woke up today and said “I sleep good mommy”….so funny.

Last time I got him to open his mouth wide enough I think I saw part of his 2 year molars in there so they came in at some point and we didn’t notice (probably one of his bad sleep months). I dont think they’re all in yet so I expect more drama to come but for now he’s done pretty well with it.

He’s 100% potty trained during the day (excepts naps still). The over night stuff will come in time I’m sure. He does get up sometimes to go but not consistently. I figure he’ll get there at some point. His day time potty training was early so I don’t mind using pull ups at night (although, now I have a ton of day time pull ups that won’t work for night time so I’m trying to figure out what to do with them…I guess we’ll just go thru them every slowly. He’s more prone to accidents when he has a pull up on).

I know I’m probably biased but he’s just so darn smart! He knows his alphabet, colors, numbers to 10 (to 20 with help) in Spanish and English and has memorized many of his books (he’ll finish my sentences or recite the book back to me). He has an incredible memory and loves to play memory matching games (we have a cool Melissa and Doug toy that has windows you can open to reveal shapes and stuff to match). I watch him build castles and trains out of his blocks with little help from us and he’s even starting to play pretend with his toys.

Anywho, enough gushing. I’ve been trying to get some more updated pics of him. I really wanted to do a formal photo shoot but just ran out of time before Lia arrived. Perhaps we’ll do a park session one of these upcoming weekends. For now, here’s what I’ve managed to gather up:)

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  1. So many similarities to Shelby – I love it! How did you get him to learn to hold his pee? We’re trying to potty train Shelby and she literally runs to the potty every three minutes insisting that she has to pee. Gah!

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