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To celebrate her 1 week birthday I thought I’d post her birth story. I have a bunch of other posts started but as you can imagine, things are crazy around here. I’m trying to sleep when she sleeps which means that everything else is going to slide.

Lia’s birth story is actually quite boring:) She pulled the same trick that Noah did with my blood pressure later in the pregnancy so we were scheduled for an induction at 39 weeks 1 day. I’d hoped to go into labor naturally and my body seemed to be working that direction but it never kicked into high gear. I was contracting when they hooked me up to the monitors, just nothing strong or consistent.

So July 31 we arrived at the hospital at 6:30am as instructed, checked in and then we sat. From what we heard around us, the previous night was crazy crazy with what seemed like every prego woman going into labor. They were still cleaning and clearing rooms when we arrived so we had to wait around.

Around 8:00 they finally got us up to the room (which turns out to be the same exact room Noah was born in!). We met our nurse and she started my IV’s (well, she tried….the blew thru two sites and decided to let someone else try, they got it first try). Dr checked me and I was 1+ cm and pretty much fully effaced which was nice to hear.

They started my pitocin around 9:00 and broke my water around 20 after and from there it was just hanging out and working thru the contractions. The doc said she’d be back in an hour or so to check things out. From there I slowly progressed and actually tolerated the contractions quite well (longer than I did with Noah). An hour later I was 3cm and another hour or so later I was 4 cm. That’s when I requested the epi. The contractions were in my back because she was sunny side up and since I really didn’t plan on a fully unmedicated birth (more power to those women who have actually done that…phew…) I just gave in.

From the time the epi went in until about 3:00 it was pretty boring (we were watching the olympics:) ). I could feel the pressure of the contractions but not the pain which was awesome. This was different than with Noah. With Noah I was so numb I didn’t feel a thing. I think that contributed to my extended pushing with him (well, that an the hand by his head…details..).

At one point the contractions were so on top of one another that little girl didn’t get a chance to recover so they backed off the pit (turned it off actually) and the contractions slowed down enough for her to get a break. Once she had a break they slowly turned it back on but funny enough, never had to take it up past the first setting, my body had taken control.

At 3:00 I was having some break thru pain and lots of pressure (I think I said “I think she’s trying to come out my butt” which of course made the nurse laugh pretty hard). Doc checked and I was 9cm:) 30 min later the pressure was intense and I was complete – time to push!!

They took a few min to get things set up, all the while I was watching the contractions on the monitor and trying not to push into them. Once we started it only took me 4 sets of pushes to get her out! At one point DH was so excited that he was getting loud (he’s pretty loud to begin with) and I had to ask him to quite down. He was a great cheerleader:)

Lia arrived at 4:11. They put her on my belly while they cleaned her off and DH got to cut the cord (neither of which we got to do for Noah so this was special). She was pretty quiet (alert but not crying much) so they gave her a lower 1 min apgar score (7). A little stimulation and she started to cry just fine (Noah was the same way) and her second apgar went up to a full 9.

All in all really uneventful which was nice. It was just me, dh, the doc and the nurse in the delivery room vs. the 10 or more people with Noah (since they were prepared to take fast action if I couldn’t get him out). It was actually kinda of peaceful (aside from DH’s boisterous cheering:)).

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