Aug 272012

Yes, you read that right – lactation cookies! Like I said before I was determined to make this breastfeeding thing work so I was looking for everything I could do to help boost my supply and who doesn’t want to eat cookies! I found an oatmeal raisin recipe that looks promising and set out to find the special ingredients.

The thing that makes lactation cookies what they are is the presence of brewers yeast, oatmeal, and flax seed meal which are all lactogenic foods (lactogenic foods are foods/ingredients known to increase milk supply, other lactogenic foods are things like spinach, carrots, salmon, apricots, asparagus and many others). Combined into a cookie and you’d never know they were there:)

Now, finding the oatmeal, flax seed meal and raisins was easy. The brewers yeast on the other hand was trickier to find. My normal grocery store didn’t carry it and neither did the local Trader Joes. I had to trek the whole way over to Whole Foods to find it (and it was $18 for a large can…sheesh!).

I made one batch to try them out and after hubs deemed them good (and my father in law) I went and made a double batch (because I had to supply hubby too…lactation or not, they were cookies and he likes cookies:)). I’m on my 4th batch now and have to go get more oatmeal for another. They’re super quick to put together and yummy to boot. Who knows if they’re helping my supply but who cares…they’re yummy cookies!!

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  1. I never got around to making these, but eat oatmeal every day. Maybe next time. I don’t think I want an increase in milk now at 14 months when we are weaning. Glad that you are making it work!

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