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Talk about night and day…my experience breastfeeding Noah was fraught with tears and failure. Aside from a little bit of success the day he was born, we struggled the whole 7 weeks that I tried. After 2 weeks we moved to exclusively pumping and not too long after we started supplementing and then exclusively formula feeding. At the end of it all I was relieved to be done with the whole thing although a part of me was disappointed that we just couldn’t make it work. Hindsight being 20/20 I think I could have fought harder for it but at the time my sanity was more important.

This time I was determined to make it work for as long as possible. We had it easier from the get go because Lia was with us in our room 100% of the time (or rather, avail to us, we did send her to the nursery in the evenings so that we could get some sleep) vs Noah who spent a majority of his stay under the UV lights to fight jaundice. I was able to latch her on right after she was born and then from there nurse her every 2 – 3 hours the entire time we were in the hospital. I really think that had a huge impact in our success.

Where as with Noah my milk never really came in, I came in spades for Lia. From the start I was able to pump an ounce or two from each side even after I fed her. We’re only three weeks in and I’ve stored up over 60 oz of milk in our freezer (is it ludicrous to buy a deep freeze just to store my breast milk??:) ).

I think another factor in our success is that I’m more relaxed this time around. With Noah and his jaundice I was frantic to make sure he was getting enough to eat. With Lia I know that as long as she’s pooping and peeing that she’s getting enough (that was the case with Noah but as a first time mom I was a bit of a control freak about things:) ). I know she’s doing well because she only lost a few oz in that first few days home and gained it all right back within the week. I realize this time around the my main job is to feed here and sometimes that means we never leave the house or even the couch (i’ve also become proficient at walking around holding her while she nurses so that I can help Noah do things). It’s a whole different mind set.

So, for now I’m still taking it week by week. I’m not saying I’ll BF for the full first year but I am saying that we’ll go as long as we can go and right now I have no plans to stop which is so much more than I could have ever said at this point with Noah.

For mom’s that had a hard time with their first, did you find more success with your second (and subsequent?). What do you think was the difference?

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  1. I really could have written this post myself, replace the names and pneumothorax where you have jaundice and it’s exactly what I went through. Annie is almost six months and I just switched her to formula. It’s a lot longer than I expected to make it and five months longer than I lasted with Icie.

  2. nobody tells you ahead of time how hard BF is. I did it with all 3 of mine. Nick wasn’t a great eater, so we had to supplement w/formula (he was jaundiced, and at risk of being labeled FTT (failure to thrive) but eventually get got it. Maddie was never any of those things, and I was also more relaxed as a mom, didn’t have the horrible birth experience I’d had w.Nick, which I think all plays into it. Drew (like most 3rd children, I’ve found) just had to go with the flow…he adapted and took what he could get. LOL!! Every child is different. Hang in there. I was able to to do it for 12 mos w.Nick, despite a rough start, but I didn’t have to pump. the rare few occasions I did, i was terrible at it, and I was so grateful i didn’t have to do it all the time. Every mom & every child experiences those first few months in a very different way. My advice: try to stick with it, but if it doesn’t work for you, it’s better to have a sane mommy in the end. :) And I think it’s horrible when others try to make a mom feel guilty for BF/not BF/not EBF/etc….do what’s in your heart and you will never regret it. :)

  3. It was a thousand times easier with Cameron. With Braden, we struggled the first two months but we made it 9 months. Cameron picked it up much more quickly and was good at it. I also wasn’t as paranoid about how much he was getting to eat. We only made it about 8 months but that was his choice not mine. I really think I was (am) more relaxed with my second. I find this to be true across the board in everything I do. I was more nervous and panickedwith my first.

  4. Congrats to you! I’m so jealous! I also couldn’t make it work with my first (Shelby). Despite my desire, my need for sanity also won out. I pumped exclusively for seven months (after try to BF for three weeks). I had high hopes BFing would be easier this time, but it wasn’t. Well, it was easier, but Natasha didn’t suck well and lost weight. I didn’t want to go through a bazillion weight checks again like we did with Shelby, so after a couple of weeks I ended up exclusively pumping.

    I’m still at it…it’s now been three months. It’s A LOT of work, but I’m making enough milk this time (unlike with Shelby — I think due to my difficult birth with her). The big hiccup now is that it seems Natasha has a food allergy. She had a blood draw yesterday and we’ll get the results Friday. If it requires me to significantly modify my diet, I may switch her to formula. I hardly have time to fix “regular” food now, let alone prepare and follow a special diet. So, we’ll see.

  5. With Jayson I made it a week, Addyson went 6 weeks, and Gracie is almost at 4 months ebf! Each one gets easier and easier. Now we nurse no matter where we are and who is around. I have learned to ignore peoples rude comments and stares because Grace needs fed when she needs fed.
    We have made it through the 6 week growth spurt and the horrible nasty 3 month growth spurt. If you can make it through those you can make it a year.

    PS buying a deep freezer for your stash is very acceptable!

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