Aug 302012

This past weekend we took a quick trip up to Pittsburgh to visit my family and allow some of the extended family to meet Lia (as well as my brother!). It was kind of an impromptu trip with only a few days notice but it worked out really well! The car trip up was actually less eventful than I thought it would be. It did take us about 5 hours vs. the normal 4 because we had to take an extended stop mid way to feed Lia but that’s better than expected. Noah even went down pretty easy once we got there.

Saturday AM we met up with my bro, his girlfriend, and my mom at the Pittsburgh Zoo. So much fun! We started really early when the zoo opened to try to avoid some of the crowds and heat. I forgot how big that zoo is! By the time we left we’d totally missed nap time and everyone was zonked. Noah loved every second of it.

Funny story about the zoo…lunch time rolled around and Lia needed to eat. We rolled into one of the food courts and found a table towards the back. I grabbed my nursing cover and set up shop on the concrete wall at the back. I didn’t notice the table full of Amish teen boys to my left. Caty came over and quietly told me that I was being watched. I guess they’d never seen anyone nurse a baby before? Anywho, between me and the lady about 20 feet to my right also nursing her baby (sans cover) they were entertained.

Saturday night my parents took the kids which allowed hubs and I to get out for a date night. So awesome! We made reservations at a restaurant at the top of Mt. Washington (for those not from PGH, Mt. Washington is a neighborhood that sit about 400 feet above and off to one side of the city and affords you amazing view of the downtown and the rivers around Pittsburgh) and had a very nice and elegant dinner complete with a glass of wine for me:) woohoo…

Sunday brought the rest of the family and we all gathered at my parents house to catch up and meet the newest member of our family. At one point we had 4 generations of ladies in one spot. So much fun.

Before we knew it it was time to pack up and head back. It was a full weekend but really nice to get to see everyone and introduce them to our little beauty:) Noah had a ball too, he loves loves loves his grandparents.

Anywho..enough babbling…on to the pictures:)

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  1. Fun! Glad the trip was a success. I didn’t remember that you had family in Pittsburgh. I lived there as a kid, but it’s been ages and ages since I’ve been back. Noah is so cute. He’s really looking a lot like your husband, at least from what I see in pictures. How are you feeling?

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