Jul 012012

I was never much of a jewelry person but as I’ve worked longer in an office I’ve needed to find ways to dress up outfits or at least add variety. And then I found the clearance racks at Khols:) I’ve scored a bunch of new necklaces for a song!! ($4 down from $20!). Anyways, now that I have more dangly stuff, I’ve found that I have no place to put them (that’s also safe from Noah). So, off to Pinterest I went for ideas.

There were lots of ideas so I kind of picked a few of them and ran with it. I got the wood plaque at Michaels and the glass knobs at Target. I modge podged some scrapbook paper on to the main part of the board and then sanded it down.

A quick hanger and voila. I have it hung from the center right now which won’t work long term but I just wanted to get it on the wall.



Seeing it up I may need to paint around the outside wood but I want to pick a color that coordinates with our room which is in question right now so I’m leaving it natural. We’ll see….

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