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So, part of the silence on this blog is because I’ve been working like crazy trying to get her nursery together. Thanks to Pinterest I had kinds of crazy projects lined up and while they took forever, I’m sooo soo happy with how things turned out.

I started with the neutral taupe wall that was in the here already because DH didn’t want to repaint the room (you’ll see why when you see the pics…it would have been a PIA!!). He said that I could add color in another other way I wanted to outside of painting the walls…little did he know:)

We set out to use the furniture that we already had with the exception of the dresser. I had planned on using my childhood dresser and painting it however when my parents pulled it out of storage it need more than a little bit of work. So, on to plan B – craigslist! I was looking for another dresser to refinish and actually found something even better.


I love it! It’s the color and style I was hoping for with my own dresser and that it came with a mirror was a bonus. It did change our plans a little bit (the mirror) but I’m so happy with it!!! I think it make the room.

On the other side we have her crib and changing table in the same arrangement we did with Noah’s room. It works well like that in there. Over the crib are three canvases I did thanks to Pinterest:) They were actually the first things I did after I found out she was a girl.



As you look closer you can see yet another Pinterest inspiration with the ruffled bed skirt. That was a labor of love for both my momma and I. We had two sewing machines going at times to get it all done. Had my ruffle foot actually worked it may have been faster. Who knows….I do know that I love it. I’m a tad disappointed that you can’t see all the ruffles but that will change as we drop the crib mattress.


The green frame is just temporary until I find another I’m happier with. It works for now. It houses a piece of a quilt that was done by my great grandma (I think…or was it great great..). Anywho, the quilt was moth eaten but my mom salvaged pieces of it and had them matted and framed for all the girls in our family. Mine was purple because my room was purple at the time. It think it works well here in the green frame. I have to get it hung on the wall but on the dresser works for now.

The silver bowl is a Goodwill find. I love the pattern on it..kind of shabby chic-ish. The silver frame is also a Goodwill find. I got two. I left this one as is and dismantled the other in hopes of turning it into something. Right now it sits painted pink and in pieces on my craft table. Maybe I’ll get around to it later.

In this corner is the glider we used for Noah. It’s modeling the quilt that I made for her earlier. Yes, another labor of love:) And I’m totally head over heels for it. I actually bought fabric to do one for Noah now too!!

On the chair is another canvas that i have yet to hang (it will go over the changing table). You are my sunshine was always a favorite song of mine growing up. I did take a little liberty and change “only” to “tiny” because, well, she’s not my only sunshine:) Gotta be fair!


This happy little lamp was originally tan and white. It worked with the bedding that was in the room before but not now. It’s amazing what a little spray paint and some fabric can do (and some hot glue).


The rail covers were something I did for Noah’s room too. It gave me the opportunity to add more of the fun paisley fabric to the room. This time I went with the satin ribbon instead of making ties….sooo much faster!!


These last two are for your enjoyment. Me and my big old bellah…I missed my 37 week picture so this will have to do. I’ll take my 38 week one tomorrow.


And here’s her diaper stash! I went a little overboard. I saved most of Noah’s diapers (we had to toss about 8 because the PUL was shot) but I added a bunch of covers and prefolds for when she’s smaller. Plus I got a few Rumparooz newborns just because I couldn’t help myself. They’re so tiny!


Anyways, I think I can call myself done with the nursery once we get that list picture hung. Although, I have a few other projects up my sleeve that I have to work on. As I work thru them I’ll post I promise.

Here’s a list of the patterns/ideas/tutorials I used for the things in the room…enjoy:)

Bedskirt – Positively Splendid
Crib Rail – Baby Rabies
Canvases – I can’t seem to find the origin…just a Pinterest pin.
Quilt – Katie Did , The Cottage Home

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  1. Wow – great job! I seriously need to learn how to use my sewing machine!

  2. It looks fantastic, Lindsey! Can’t wait to see her!

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