Jul 232012

So, exciting stuff around here lately. We have an end date now…July 31 if my blood pressure holds out. Little girl is following in her big bros footsteps and messing with my BP so we’ve set an induction date and I’m on bp watch. It started after my 37 week appt when the doc said I needed to stop working. I convinced her that I can work from home and relax and she agreed. I’m a bit of a bad patient because I did work in the office the rest of the week but I did plant my butt firmly at my desk with minimal up and moving around so I hope that helped.

The BP is not super high, just higher than it should be and way higher than my normal (i’m usually 112/60ish…i’m up to about 135/85 ish). I should have known I was in trouble when the nurse re inflated the cuff 4 times in a row to try to get an accurate reading. Plus I’m super swollen so I really should not have been a surprise. It’s a little trippy, even the second time around, to know when your end date it. Really kicked my butt in to gear getting things ready around here (and it tipped off the purge, clean, organize part of my nesting instinct).

How far along are you? 38 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? 2 lbs this week for a total of 169 lbs. Still under 30 for the entire pregnancy and considering today was my last appt before my induction I’m going with that.

Stretch marks? Sames ones as before plus I think a new one around my belly button. Poor belly:(

Baby Movement? She’s still grooving around in there which is uncomfortable to put it nicely. I thought she’d dropped some because my heartburn relented but it’s back again. Not terrible like before but still there. Maybe it’s that she’s just that big now there’s no avoiding it. Regardless, I’ll be happy when she’s out and I can eat normally again.

Best moment this week? Calling it done on the nursery.

Food Cravings? Nothing really. Eating is a chore still (although I see to have no problem packing it in)

Belly button in or out? flat with an outtie lip.

Labor Signs 1+, super soft and about 60% effaced and lots of braxton hicks. I think there may have even been a real contraction in there too. Not bad. They’re not even making me come in the night before my induction for cervadil. We’re just going straight to the good stuff (although I’m hoping like heck she decides to come out on her own…).

Milestones? Set an induction date. I’m a little disappointed to have to do this again but my BP is just not cooperating. I’m trying to talk her into coming on her own but I’m not holding out hope. Maybe I just need to make huge plans for this weekend….

I’ll get a picture tomorrow…

38 weeks with Noah

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  1. July 28 would be an excellent date- easy for the whole family to remember. Jessica is 50% effaced and 3 cms

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