Jul 172012

Gosh, we have so much going on over here but I can only manage to get these weekly posts out. We’ve made great progress on her nursery and I have to do a post on that soon! Plus Noah’s just amazing us daily with what he knows and learns…I can’t believe what a little man he’s turned into in the last 2 or 3 months. Potty training is on the up and up, 2 year molars are on their way in etc….Maybe someday I’ll get all of it documented:)

For now, here’s the weekly…

How far along are you? 37 weeks – full term baby!!!

Total Weight gain/loss? Last week I was up another 4! Gulp..that was alot! Sitting at 168 now and I’m still under 30 but I have three weeks to go. (ETA: at the docs today I’d lost 1lb…so either her scale was crazy or the water weight is fluctuating. …167 on her scale)

Stretch marks? Found another around the top of my belly button where my belly ring used to be so that makes 4 little ones. Still buttering up but man, it’s stretched to the max. I can feel my skin groan every time she stretches, ouch.

Baby Movement? I think…I think she’s dropped some. My heartburn has been better the last two days (and my groin feels like I spent all day on a horse…). Her movements are painful with her pointy little heels/knees and what not running across the top of my belly (and I guess her elbows down low?)

Best moment this week? I got to see her for a brief few at our last dr’s appt. Doc thought she flipped breech because he couldn’t feel her (she was really high) so he did a quick sono to check out position. No worries tho, she’s heads down and still a ‘she’:) She has lots of fluid which is why he thinks she’s still floating really high.

Food Cravings? Nothing really. Eating is a chore still (although I see to have no problem packing it in)

Belly button in or out? flat with an outtie lip.

Labor Signs 1cm but still very long at my last appt (another appt tomorrow). I’ve been having a bunch of braxton hicks and even a few real contrax I think but nothing to speak of really. I hope that some of that is helping with progress. Coupled with the fact that I think she’s dropped some, maybe we’re on our way to an on time baby. One can hope anyways.

Milestones? Full term baby! She can arrive any time from now on. Hopefully sooner than later please…I’ve been done for weeks but now it’s just down right painful. Did you know that the relaxin hormone that stretches your ligaments out to accommodate the growing babe also relax the ligaments in your feet? Yea…hurts like hell! My feet are too fat to put into really good structured shoes but flip flops provide no support and make my feet scream! I’ve been wearing crocs and just not caring how ridiculous I look but even those are getting tight. Yup…time to be done already.

Plusalso..My hands are also going numb again like with Noah. I wake up at night and their asleep and it takes a while for them to wake up. I’m trying not to lay on them but it’s hard:) I bump the carpel tunnel space (the spot on the underside of your wrist just at the bottom of your palm) and my fingers go numb for a sec…it’s a fun game to play when i’m bored in a meeting haha.

Belly pic TBD

37 weeks with Noah

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