Jul 022012

How far along are you? 35 weeks (and 35 days to go!)

Total Weight gain/loss? My appt is tomorrow, i’ll update this then:) ETA: up to 164 which I think puts me up 3 lbs since last appt which is on track at 1 lbs/week number you see at the end. Overall I’m up 23lbs which is a far cry from the 35 that I was at with Noah around this point. Nurse wasn’t worried and given the water that was hanging out in my ankles I think alot of it is the edema that’s setting in. This last few days with the high heat has been rough.

Stretch marks? Boo..I found my first stretchie this weekend. Just to the right below my belly button. It’s still pretty light but it’s there and I’m sad. Babygirl is just taking up so much room that my belly can’t keep up. Such is life…

Baby Movement?Most of her movements are uncomfy these days. I get sharp little appendages pushing at odd angles and full body rolls that push my poor belly to the max. It’s safe to say we’re to the uncomfy stage.

Best moment this week? Oh where to start, there’s probably a whole post in this saga. Nothing with me and the babe, it all circled around the lovely storms that hit Friday and took our power until last night. 50ish hours of no electric or AC when it was about 100 degrees outside. Day 1 was bearable, day 2 no so much, even with a generator for the fridge and fans (thanks mom and dad!:). We gave up and moved in with my in-laws for the day until the power came back. We came home to find the in our heat induced delirium we switched off the AC so the house was no cooler than we left it – ooops… Thankfully as of this post we’re cooling down (upstairs is a cool 84 degrees and down here is a frigid 80 degrees…).

Despite the horrible situation we (well, hubs and my dad) got the baby’s room started. They picked up the most adorable dresser from a lady who restores them (i’m so in love with this dresser) and got the crib set up not to mention all the furniture that was in the way moved to it’s final resting places (at least for now). All in an upstairs that was pushing 90 most of the afternoon. I have to move the rocker in there and get the closet system in plus get her bed skirt made but it’s progress:) I’m so happy to at least have it started.

Food Cravings?Anything clean and crisp if that makes any sense….

Belly button in or out? As hubs would say, “the turkey timer has popped” (but only at the end of the day or when she’s in a certain position.

Milestones? 35 days left…

Belly pic TBD..we didn’t get back until after dark today.

35 weeks with Noah

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