Jun 232012

I’ve been waiting to write this post until we were further along with the potty training and I think we’re just about there. I’d consider Noah 90% day time potty trained. He goes to school in undies and often comes home in the same ones. We use pull-up’s when we have road trips or long times between potty breaks but most days he holds it until we get to a good spot to pee. I have a portable potty in the car for emergencies as well (which he loves to use…haha).

All in all this has been pretty painless so far. I attribute alot of that to daycare since they were the ones that actually started him and do the day to day work on it. There are three other little boys around the same age and they just started them all together and do the every 15 min thing (at least at first…now they break every 2 hours). I think it really helped him to have a potty buddy to learn with and from. He’s so proud of himself when he actually goes and will show anyone his undies to prove that he’s a “big boy”. It’s adorable.

Anywho…of the three he’s the only one in undies a majority of the time which makes me happy. They were putting him in a diaper for naps but I found that washing one CD at a time was a big PIA so he gets a pull up at nap time too. I feel like a bit of a CD failure since we went for pull ups instead of cloth trainers but in the end the pull-ups worked best for us and he’s not really going thru that many so the cost is controlled.

I can’t tell you that there was any trick to it. Daycare did most of the work but I know when we were home we were on a 15 min schedule asking and trying. We quickly spaced that out to 30 min and then an hour. I never really watched his fluid intake like some say to do. I wanted him to learn normally, not on reduced or increased fluids (depending on which method I read). Alot of this was just taking queues from him and being observant. He has a definite peepee dance that as long as I was watching I’d catch it in time. Now he just tells us or runs for the potty. There was lots of cheering and whoopla after a successful trip too (daycare even had a song that he still loves to sing:) ). The cheering has died down now that he’s doing better but we still make a deal of it (and he gets stickers!) every time he goes to show him how proud we are of him. I love the smile that he gets when we do that:)

Also, we also had training potties on all floors of the house and generally had one in the room we were in at the time – at least at first. That way it wasn’t a far run to get there. Now that he’s doing better the potties have been relegated to the bathrooms on each floor and he gets to choose now what he wants to use (the big potty or the little potty).

So that’s where we stand…he still has small accidents here and there but it’s generally just a tiny bit before he recognizes that he needs the potty and makes a run for it. We’re still working on a consistent #2 trips and night time but that will come in time. He has even woken me up a few times in the middle of the night asking to go (I’m not comfortable leaving the gate open for him to roam freely yet, he’s still far too inquisitive and into things he shouldn’t be. Plus we have two sets of steps he could crash down if he’s not careful….) so it’s a start. I’m just happy to be out of diapers before little girl gets here so I only have one set to deal with at a time.

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  1. Good job Noah!! We haven’t really started PT yet. Lauren shows some interest but not very much and now we booked a disney trip in a couple of months so I would rather not have to be in the middle of potty training while we are there unless she decides she wants to.

  2. That is such a huge step, especially before Baby girl arrives! :) Hang in there…it is still a LONG process! ;) For long trips: travel with an empty plastic water bottle (or two…) Much easier for boys and safer when on roadside when no bathroom is nearby. Girls create all kinds of new challenges, but I find that Maddie adjusted to ‘holding it’ better than the boys. :)
    Good luck!!!

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