Jun 192012

I’ve been trying to menu plan more in hopes of getting into the habit before baby girls arrives. It’s easier to sit down one day, write a menu and shop than to stumble around the night of trying to find food for the fam. We resort less to processed foods now that I’m thinking ahead.

One of my favorite places to find recipes has been Pinterest! We’ve had some definite hits and some total misses so I thought I’d share some of my favorites (or rather, the ones there DH was like, “This is awesome and needs to be done again!”)

OMG Chicken – Parmesan Crusted Chicken (The Enchanted Cook)
This is the easiest chicken in the world! Probably not entirely healthy for you but oh so yummy and quick. DH told me I need to put this on our regular rotation!

{image from The Enchanted Cook website}

Easy Crockpot Pulled Pork (Mybakingaddiction.com)
This one was really easy and so yummy!! My pork roast wasn’t as large as she directed so I had to alter my cooking time (it was about half her size so I just about halved the time). My new crockpot with a nifty timer on it was perfect! It cooked for the requisite 5 hours and then clicked over to warm. The pork stayed nice and warm and was ready for us to eat as soon as we got home.

DH’s one complaint is that he likes a thicker sauce so next time I’ll supplement a little Famous Daves BBQ sauce as a side when serving.

{Image from the mybakingaddiction website}

Four Cheese Baked Skillet Rigatoni(howSweetitis.com)
This one was awesome and so tasty. DH’s comment was to add chicken or something to it to give it some protein. I’m fine with just the pasta:)

{image from the how sweet it is website}

Creamy Artichoke Lasagna (Better Homes and Gardens via Recipe.com)
I couldn’t find marcapone so I improvised (creamcheese and sour cream) and it didn’t take anything away from the dish. I also used canned chokes because that’s what I had. DH loved the pine nuts. It’s a little time consuming but then again, most lasagne is so we did this on a weekend and had leftovers for the week.

{image from Recipe.com website}

Creamy Corn Casserole (Pennies on a Platter)
Oh so good and oh so bad for you! I had this first at an Easter potluck. I think I finished half of the 9×11 pan myself. Since I found the recipe I’ve made it twice. Once for guests and once for just us. Amazing both times!! And it’s great as left overs too!!

{image from Pennies on a Platter website}

It’s really not that much more work for dinner when you plan ahead. I dont even really cook ahead, I just know what i’m doing when I get home so I can get to work. I’ve planned full menus while driving from work to the grocery store (or sitting at a stop light on my way to the store:) ). I’ve noticed that our grocery bills have been lower too because I’m not buying any more than we need for the week. The produce stays fresher and the meat never needs frozen.

We even have a little dinner menu that hangs out in the kitchen so I can remember what is what. It’s missing Saturday and Sunday but that works for us since we’re generally fending for ourselves or traveling on those days.

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