Jun 262012

I’m way behind in just about everything right now. I’m asleep most nights by 9 which leaves little time to do anything real around the house (after cooking dinner, cleaning up, bath time and bed time for Noah) so DH’s fathers day and birthday posts are being combined into one:)

DH’s birthday and fathers day were a week apart which has its benefits but also it’s draw backs. DH has a similar problem around Mother’s day since my birthday often falls on or right before/after mothers day depending on the year so I don’t feel too bad:)

For fathers day we didn’t do anything big really. I made breakfast and then we just hung around the house. We made a trip down to the playground for Noah to burn off some energy and then when it came time for dinner found myself too freakin tired to actually cook. So, we headed down to the area where I work and ordered some take out. We spent the evening sitting in the grass by the fountains enjoying our dinner while Noah played. Perfect evening. We followed it up with some gelato and then headed home.

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His birthday the following week fell on a week day so our options were limited. I figured I’d grab some cupcakes from the bakery next to my office and then we’d order his favorite meal from Outback and do it take out style again (it’s just so much more relaxing being at home or not in a restaurant when we have Noah). DH’s only request was that we have dinner outside at the National Park next to where we live – Great Falls. I was more than happy to oblige and even packed a picnic basket with a linen table cloth, real plates and silverware (and steak knives) for the evening. Mother nature threatened to ruin our picnic but managed to hold off long enough for us to eat, enjoy the scenery and get back to the car.

I only have one pic from that because we were too busy enjoying the beautiful weather:)

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