Jun 132012

I’d always hoped that my original stash of diapers for Noah would hold up long enough for me to use them for baby #2 but alas, all of our originals have simply fallen apart:( The biggest problem is that they’re no longer waterproof and while I’ve tried to re waterproof them, it only seems to hold for a few washings and then we have to do it again. Certainly not a sustainable option.

So, as Noah moves on with potty training (which is another post entirely) and off of his cloth diapers, I’ve been retiring the oldest and replacing them with pretty girlie colors (bonus!). We still have quite a few of his newer pockets that have held up so we’ll also use those. (at this point, knock on wood, I should only have 1 in diapers by the time she gets here!)

I also decided that I wanted to try starting to CD earlier with baby girl. I waited until Noah was 10lbs or so before I got up enough nerve. This time around I’ve ordered a bunch of newborn covers and flats/prefolds to try as a large chunk of our stash. Still a very cost effective option if you ask me. I do have a few new Kawaiis (freebies!), Bum Genius’s, and Fuzzi Buns pockets..but at this point the bulk of the stash are Thirsties and Flip covers with some birds eye flats and a bunch of random hemp prefolds.

I’ll keep you all posted as we try out these new options. I have to say, it’s going to be an adjustment again getting back into diaper laundry! Potty training has been going so well that he’s only using a diaper during naps. He’s in pull-ups at night and undies during the day!!! Yay!

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  1. I’m interested to hear your experience starting early with CD’ing, since we’re considering cloth if we have a second :)

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