Jun 122012

I’ve been craving a snow cone for over a week now. I blame the window display at JCrew by where I work. Anyways, I’ve been looking for a local fair because that’s a sure bet to find a snow cone and I was in luck. One of the larger county fairs in our area was this past weekend. And while I make it sound like the sole reason was to find a snow cone, we did also want to take Noah and let him have some fun.

It was hot and muggy but not too crowded (probably because it was hot and muggy). We went loaded up with ice water but it didn’t last long, soon it was hot water (but water is water, hot or cold, so we forced it down!). We tried one ride in the big people carnival and that was a big fat FAIL. They stopped the ride early so hubs and Noah could get off.

After that fail, we went in search of tamer waters and that’s exactly what we found. We used the remaining tickets to let him ride the bumper boats and the flying dumbo. He had a ball on both! Although, I think the highlight of the day was the firetrucks! Our county had their newest engine on display along with a bunch of equipment so the kids could explore. Noah had a ball telling the firefighter what a firetruck says (he has quite the impression of a firetruck and an ambulance).

The advertisement on this game was ‘everyone is a winner’ – how could you go wrong with that??:) He was so proud of himself as he pulled up two fish!! His prize was a cheap little stuffed snake but you would have thought it was the best thing in the whole wide world the way he carried it and played with it.

This is part of his boat ride. It’s like 3 min long but you can see him spinning circles and “driving”. He’s still talking about it today:) (“mama, i drive the green boat and bump the kids”)

Here we’re trying to get him to do wheels of the bus but he really wanted to sing BINGO….he was also jazzed to be on a city bus (as opposed to a school bus)

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