Jun 242012

One of the last rooms in this house that we’ve not touched was the guest bathroom. We’ve been wanting from the start to replace the vanity, top, and toilet but just haven’t gotten around to it. Until now…again, nothing like a baking baby to put you into gear (like it did for our kitchen reno). This time it was harder though because we had both the dog and Noah to deal with which meant it was only one of us at a time working on the bathroom. Add to that I’m pregnant – duh – most of the work was DH’s responsibility (although I contributed when things got tedious). We’d planned for this to take a weekend or two….due to lots of fun things we discovered along the way it took over two months:) Noah learned to love taking showers….

This is when we bought the house. There was a boarder up above the shower that was half peeling off in addition to just being dirty.

One of the first things we did was rip down the border and then paint the room. The blue was alot darker than we’d intended but we’d spent so much time painting that we weren’t going to redo it. The floor needed fixed too (it was peel and stick tile) but that would wait.


This is how it stands today:) We removed the vanity, toilet, mirror, light, and floor. We left the tub and surround because it’s in good shape and was more than the effort we wanted to put in. We repainted the wall, installed a new vanity and top, and a new toilet. The highlight of the room though is the backsplash tile. We decided to take it the whole way around the one side of the room and I love it. It was a total pain in the butt to grout but was so worth it.


We ran into a number of little issues when doing this and ended up moving the plumbing, adding a small spacer between the wall and the vanity so the drawers would open, trying to match 20 year old tile and failing, and breaking two mirrors before finally getting one up on the wall safely. And that’s just the big stuff. There was alot of adjusting and trips to Lowes and Home Depot (record is 5 times in one day!).

In the end, I’m happy it’s done and I’m happy with the result. Now, on to the baby’s room:)

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