Jun 182012

How far along are you? 33 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Holding at 20lbs…next appt is at 35 weeks (where I’ll have 35 days left…holy chit!)

Stretch marks? No marks. Linea negra is there though but still pretty faint.

Baby Movement?Rolling around like mad. Most of the movement it up at the top of my belly which makes me hope that the hard little bump I feel is still her bum.

Best moment this week? Realizing that the swelling has started in earnest and my numb fingers are starting to make a comeback. Okay, maybe not the best moment but it’s happening. The end of this pregnancy is much like Noahs I’m afraid.

Food Cravings?Sweets…I’ve been trying to be good though.

Belly button in or out? As hubs would say, “the turkey timer has popped” (but only at the end of the day or when she’s in a certain position.

Milestones? Nothing big at 33 weeks. I’m noticing circulation issues this time around and more swelling in my legs and feet. I suppose that’s par for the course since I wasn’t up and walking around much with Noah since I worked from home and now I have a nice long walk from my car to the office and then again up and around the office. I also notice that if I don’t get up to walk my feet turn purple. Fun times….


33 weeks with Noah

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