Jun 112012

Yes, I totally skipped 31 weeks but honestly, we’re pretty much status quo here. Not much is changing week to week and I totally never got around to taking my 31 week picture!

How far along are you? 32 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Tomorrow is the doc’s appt. I don’t feel like I gained that much, I’ve been better about my eating and such so I’m hoping I’m only putting on her weight, not my own:) That said, I’ve had more than my fair share of “omg you’re about to pop” and “are you sure there aren’t two in there” cracks…. (ETA: up 1.5 lbs (160.5 lb) which is pretty good!! I’m up about 20 total with the bulk of the gain stil to come I think. If I can hold true to the 1 lb/week then we’re looking at 27/28lbs for the pregnancy…a far cry from the 40 or so i put on with Noah:) )

Stretch marks? No marks. Linea negra is there though but still pretty faint.

Baby Movement? I have a permanent hard spot at the top of my belly. I’m thinking it’s her bum (at least I’m hoping). It’s too small and pointy to be a head so… I can feel her alot and can generally find body parts as I feel around my stomach. She’s pushing out pretty hard most days but not really kicking, instead I think she’s stretching and just enjoying the buoyancy of all her fluid:)

Best moment this week? Oh ya, got my sno cone!!! The fair was in town and we braved the 90+ degree heat so I could get a sno cone (and so Noah could ride rides but that’s secondary to the sno cone…haha).

Food Cravings?Nothing distinct…just food. Although any time I eat now (or dont eat even), i have the worst heart burn.

Belly button in or out? It’s pretty much out now…

Milestones? Well, the swelling has started some. Nothing bad. My fake rings still fit but are more snug at the end of the night than they use to be. I feel like a hundred year old woman when is stand up from sitting for any length of time. I’m more sore this time around for sure (feet, hips, back, you name it). Plus, if I can make it a full day with my contacts in I’m doing good. I carry solution, a case and my good glasses around with me all the time now for when my eyes start to water. If I don’t get them out right away, I end up looking like I’ve been crying.


32 weeks with Noah

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